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#1177: Today's Boortz links.

Two "sex crimes" links:

Man takes pictures of his fully-clothed children on a slide in a British park. Man is labeled a "pervert". His accuser? Another parent.

W! T! F! Better stop taking pictures of your kids altogether if you want to avoid prosecution!

At least the cops took his side of it. Jesus.

28-year-old suffers consequence of "sex crime". Her crime? She did, for a kid 2 years younger than she was at the time, a little oral "favor".

She was 17; he was 15. She pled guilty to "sodomy" and spent 5 years on probation. Yes: as a minor, she performed a sex act (the one popularized by the Clinton administraion) on another minor. For this, she was arrested, tried, and convicted, and is now a registered sex offender.

This is bullshit.

Look: if she was 27 when she did it to a 15-year-old, different story altogether...but seventeen? And 11 years later, her "mistake"--if you can call it that--is still ruining her life! This is ludicrous!

Can we please get some freaking perspective already?

* * *

Bush says "drill", oil drops $9 per barrel.

Economics: it works, bitches. (Which I'm sure comes as a big surprise to all the liberal Democrats out there.)

* * *

Thomas Sowell discusses ways in which Barak Hussein Obama's policies are going to take us "forward to the past!"

"Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it." Yeah. But not Democrats! Because they apparently think that history is a construction of dead white males whose intolerance and bigotry prevented true enlightenment, and if today's Democrats can just get these things enacted they will work perfectly because they have good intentions!

Instead, of course, the things they want to do will work out exactly the same way they always have. Argh etc.

* * *

Today I have posted five times. I am hoping that I won't post here again until Thursday.

But you never know.

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