atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1181: Damn, but it was hot last night.

O Lord was it hot at the store.

I worked in Receiving for three hours--only three--and I am grateful that it was not more. I started the night in the back room; went to the warehouse after first break; and did Receiving from the end of second break until 6 AM (with one 15-minute break at 4:45).

On the plus side, my new schedule has been approved, so starting on the 28th I work M-F-Sa. Yahoo.

Anyway, once work was done, I drove all the way home with the AC on. Again. It's not something I'm prone to do, even in summertime, but this makes the second time this month I've done so. It must be because of the AC situation at work.

* * * reports that sunspot #1000 has appeared! We made it into quadruple digits!

It's a cycle 23 sunspot, though.

* * *

I bought a 1 GB micro SD card, with adaptors to allow it to be used in an SD card slot or a USB port, which is pretty freaking awesome for $10. (And in fact I only paid $9 because of my discount.)

The micro SD card itself is a tiny little thing, about 0.5 mm thick and a bit less than 1 cm square. The package of the card is barely bigger than the memory chip it contains. If you put it in your mouth you could accidentally swallow it.

I wonder how the package would hold up to stomach acid? That'd be a neat trick for a story....

* * *

Climate Audit engages in some delicious irony. A must-read for anyone who thinks Al Gore is the primary source of global warming.

* * *

A Very Important Article on what's wrong with anthropogenic global warming/climate change theory.

"...we know for sure that carbon emissions are not a significant cause of the global warming." Hot damn!

Er...cold damn, rather.

* * *

...and now it's time for me to get some sleep, because I'm plum tuckered.

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