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#1183: That is the largest real bank note I've ever heard of.

The Zimbabwe $100,000,000,000 note. One hundred billion Zimbabwe dollars. And it's not even enough to buy a loaf of bread.

Inflation in Zimbabwe is now 2,200,000%, which means that the money is literally not worth the paper on which it's printed.

This situation has only one end: collapse and war. How long will it be? Running the presses will only help for so long; what happens when they start needing scientific notation for their bills?

"One orange: $2.63x1023, please."

I suppose they can start issuing bills which are numbered in the billions. "This is a 100 billion billion note..." Or trillions, or whatever.

Mugabe's BS with the election did not help the situation at all; but Mugabe is about Mugabe, not Zimbabwe.

* * *

Perhaps you don't understand why Christians didn't like your movie.

"...Pullman said he would harbour hopes for a sequel in the future with a fresh cast that may not meet the same level of religious protest." Except Christians weren't upset over the cast. They were upset over the entire freaking story, from God being a whiny blob that gets killed to the wiccan/pagan/WTF spirituality of the film, to the afterlife being like a concentratoin camp, to the professed purpose of the entire freaking series as a "counterpoint" to CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

The entire point of the guy's series is to be anti-Christian, because Christianity is the religion that atheists feel most threatened by and the most comfortable assailing--Christians do not issue fatwas.

Anyway, the American release "only" did $70 million, out of $370 worldwide. It's likely that the production company is looking hard at the numbers; when you make a movie, and then make a sequel, the number of people who see the sequel is a subset of the number of people who saw the original: sequels almost always draw less. How much did it cost to make the piece of dreck in the first place? The article doesn't say, but it was not chicken feed.

Oh well. At this point, all I'll do is emit a Nelson Muntz-style, "Ha, ha!" and move on.

* * *

We can't drill our way out of this, but after President George W. Bush (R, Suck it Democrat Bitches) rescinded an executive order outlawing offshore drilling, we've posted the biggest one-week drop in oil prices ever.

* * *

Dang it, I forgot to ask Steve how the races were. And if he got me a Jeg's catalog.

* * *

It's a pleasant enough morning but the forecast says it'll approach 90 this afternoon. I'm keeping the windows closed.

* * *

Because of my car shows, Sahara, then getting Chinese for dinner and going right to bed immediately thereafter, I haven't watched Doctor Who yet. I suppose I should, esp. since the grass is too wet to cut and there's nothing else I plan to do today.

* * *

The other day--Friday--I had a problem with my internet connection: everything was working but I couldn't see the Internet. I power cycled the router and the modem--and did a hard reset on the modem, twice--and couldn't access the Internet at all. Everything was working and the modem was connected; it wasn't an ISP issue, it wasn't a modem issue, it wasn't a router issue, and it wasn't a computer issue. WTF?

Then it just better.

It happened again yesterday afternoon--at about the same time as it happened Friday--and I tried just going to the modem, logging out, and logging back in...and presto, my connection came back.


Obviously, when I was trying to get it working on Friday, I must have logged out and in, which fixed the problem then; the only thing is, I'm wondering why this is happening.

Is AT&T doing something asinine to P2P users, like Com[munist]cast did?

The other common factor--besides uTorrent--is the Avast! updater apparently deciding to run while uTorrent was running. I am thinking that the Avast! updater is what actually fubared ("fubarred"?) my connection.

* * *

Unless I am mistaken, the car shown by the original poster in this thread is a bright yellow, modified Fiero GT.

Short form: there is no way in freaking hell anyone in his right mind could mistake a Fiero GT for anything made in 1941-1957.

Cue Old Man Peabody: "It looks like a airplane...without wings!
Peabody, Jr, holding up comic book: "That ain't no airplane! Look!"*

...there is no way in freaking hell anyone in his right mind and living in 2008 could mistake a Fiero GT for anything made in 1941-1957.

Therefore it must have been some kind of clerical error. Still, it's a pretty big WTF.

* * *

*Back to the Future.

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