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#1184: Pages, anime, fuses.

There are five pages of Chicory layouts now. Page 5 is missing two minor panels, totaling maybe 20% of the page, but they're just "montage" bits anyway--assuming I don't decide to make that "free talk" space.

"Free talk" is a place where the artist puts comments for the readers--kind of like the comic equivalent of blogging, he writes about whatever the hey he feels like writing when he does the page. All of the layouts I've done have some "free talk" space on the occasional page.

In this case, I can either use that space to complete the thought on that page, or I can make a bigger scene on the next page for that and leave it blank. Heh.

The character design for Subaru's grandmother needs work.

* * *

So I watched Doctor Who--the first half of the season finale--and it's always nice when you know what one character just whispered in another's ear--good writing in action. I knew what two words Rose whispered in Donna's ear without them having to tell me what they were.

I also watched an ep of Boneyards, the one about railroad boneyards. A few miles from here, in Chicago Heights, is a company which takes used rail and turns it into fence posts and other things. There's a huge yard where they store used rail, and I've driven past it a few times and wondered WTF that was all about. Now I know.

Then I watched three eps of Takeshi's CastleMXC on Spike, and got the usual good laughs from it, and saw a number of cute Japanese women who I wouldn't mind dating. That's really the best reason I have for watching the show: the occasional cute Japanese woman. Because, let's face it, it just makes me sound stupid to say that I watch it with the sound off and add my own sound effects....

And then the anime playlist. I'm 5 eps into True Tears and I'm still on the fence about it. El Cazador is beginning to get really interesting. Hayate no Gotoku is still a ton of fun, and today's ep had a lot of Hinagiku in it. Mokke was a pretty cool ep, too; they did some neat things with the visuals in this ep that I really liked.

* * *

While I was watching my anime, something outside went fa-POOM. I jumped and Luna ran under the bed; the computer UPS screeched and the lights flickered, leading me to conclude that a pole fuse had blown--fortunately not on the line that serves our house. Hot weather and high loading tends to weed out the weak sisters pretty quickly.

* * *

I've had Aishiteru ze Baby on my uTorrent download list since the 8th, but because it's so huge--it's about 4.5 GB--it's taking a damn long time to DL. So eventually I expect I'll get to see it, but it's taking long enough....

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