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#1188: Hurricane Dali?

Despite the fact that I have an aunt Dolly, when I heard of the impending hurricane, the first spelling that came to mind was "Dali", as in "the surrealist painter", and it was only after considerable thought that I realized it had to be "Dolly". Yeah. What the hell does that say about me?

Though you have to admit, naming hurricanes after famous painters would be pretty cool. "Tonight hurricane Picasso continues to flog the Florida coast...."

* * *

Democrats don't want to open US deposits to exploitation. Of course they don't. They think that we can use "alternative" energy. This is because they're all lawyers. And the few who are doctors don't understand the technological issues any better than the lawyers do. (And there are no engineers in Congress, as far as I know.)

Solar and wind power are too diffuse to make effective energy supplies. They're grand for some applications but not as a primary power source for an industrialized nation.

The best plan for solving our energy problems are to switch electrical generation to nuclear power, to drill for oil within our own borders, and to build more oil refineries. All of this would solve a hell of a lot more problems than just the price of gasoline.

* * *

Social stigma drives women to remove tattoos. Thank God for that.

I don't like tattoos in general and on women in particular. I don't know how many times I've seen a lovely young woman with beautiful skin, and then saw the tattoo and was instantly turned off. It's like a big rusty dent in a Rolls-Royce.

* * *

"Americans believe by a more than three-to-one ratio that the news media is trying to help Sen. Barack [Hussein] Obama win the presidential election this fall". I wonder how the people who say that there's no liberal bias in the media will cope with this reality? I mean, come on--Barak Hussein Obama has the press fawning over him as he globe-trots, and John McCain is greeted by one reporter? (And I bet that reporter was upset that he drew the short straw....)

* * *

Convention committee doesn't have to pay gas tax. Well, "didn't", because now they do.

* * *

Today's Dilbert is too true:

Been there, done that. Got the T-shirt. Wore it out. Used it to polish a car I don't own any more....

* * *

Yesterday's errands included depositing a paycheck, tanking up the Jeep, and going to a hardware store to look at kitchen cabinets.

Mom wants new windows and a redone kitchen. The kitchen needs redoing; I'm not so sure about the windows, but whatev. So we went to Lowe's and had a gander at their cabinetry, and made an appointment for hashing out the details.

I stopped at the corner gas station for fuel yesterday because they've been averaging about 3-5 cents less than the other gas station in town. Well, they were out of 87 octane ($3.98) but offered 92 octane as a substitute, for $4.01. WTF, I went ahead and pumped in $50 worth.

"The corner", by the way, being the SE corner of Main and Exchange. That intersection once sported three gas stations; this is the one that survived, although the one across the street became purely a repair shop.

The NE corner once had a Marathon station. It went out of business in the mid-'70s and became a car audio/alarm installation business. It went through several different changes before the Methodist church bought it in the '90s and used the land for a parking lot.

The surviving station used to be a Clark station; now it's part of the local chain "Scott's U-Save". The SW corner station was Amoco.

Then, north on Main street, there used to be a Union 76 station which is now a used car dealership (the one I bought the Jeep from, in fact) and north of that is Speedway, which used to be Checker.

...this town used to have five freaking full-service gas stations. Now it has two self-serve stations. There is something interesting in there, somewhere, but I don't feel like figuring out what it is.

* * *

Mokke ep 19 featured a monster from some old Japanese story, but when I saw it I could only think of one thing:

Murray, the invincible demonic skull.

This one's pretty funny:

Mizuki comes across a skull that talks to her. It lacked the jaw, but all I could think of is, "It's fricking Murray!"

...I think the dog explains everything. Now we know how Murray got around so much in that game.

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