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#1189: Harry Reid (D) doesn't mind if gas is $5 per gallon.

Apparently, anyway, since he and Nancy Pelosi (D, Fucktardland) are both trying to keep a lid on exploitation of domestic oil resources.

I'm sure rich Democrats don't have a problem at all with gas being $5 per gallon, particularly when they're rich limosine liberals.

* * *

August 1 is the 20th anniversary of Rush Limbaugh's national show. Awesome. Just awesome.

* * *

Roswell was real, government coverup, blah blah blah, etcetera. Bonus points for the alien autopsy photo, though it looks kind of "photoshoppy" to me.

* * *

You think it's bad when there's a gapers' block on your way to work? 29 miles of river closed--that's pretty incredible.

I like how the article dutifully informs us that "styrene is used to make plastics and rubber". Styrene is a plastic, doofus.

* * *

Why did communists love communism? Because they weren't subject to it, that's why.

* * *

Man, what a crappy night it was. 2400 piece truck, pulls around 1000, and I was in the back room all night once the unload was done. My feet hurt. To make matters worse, I was tired when I left for work. Argh.

* * *

Neal Boortz describes three success stories from the socialized medical systems of England and Canada. Oh, wait, sorry, not "success", but "horror". Well, to Harry Reid it would be a "success" since government gets to decide who lives and who dies.

* * *

This article should be next to the definition of "schadenfreude" in the dictionary. NYT's second quarter profit is 82% lower than that of the second quarter of 2007.

* * *

As I have been doing for several weeks, now, before the truck unload got started I put a six-pack of Pepsi into the freezer. The freezer runs about -10°F, and after a typical truck is finished the Pepsi tends to be in the "slush" stage.

I did so last night, and the Pepsi was in there for over 2 hours. I bought the 6-pack and put it into my lunch back in the fridge in the breakroom. When I got home this morning there was still slush floating in the bottles. Hoody hoo.

It tastes very good when it is literally ice cold.

* * *

In 1991 I happened to be at a $1 store, and bought a couple of cassettes of music based entirely on how silly the band names were. One was "Trip Shakespeare"; the other was "Gunbunnies". The latter was just as bad as I'd expected it to be, but I turned out to like the former, so I later got that title on CD.

Anyway, there's a song on that album ("Across the Universe") called "The Slacks", and it's a little ballad about three guys trying to seduce a woman, and the man who is successful is wearing a pair of magic pants. (They then argue about who was actually wearing the pants.)

The chorus is simple:
I wore the pants
I said "relax"
We did a dance
They call "the Slacks"
Some time ago, when I was living in Iowa--1998, I think it was--I realized that you could make up a chorus about any piece of clothing (or anything, really) that would fit that music.

Today I came up with one, and nearly laughed myself silly:
Some daiquiris
Are made in blenders
We did a dance
Called "The Suspenders"
Yes I need a life. Damn it.

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