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#1193: Things that hurt

Other than my entire freaking body, that is. Work last night was unusually rough, for reasons which mystify me. It certainly didn't seem all that hard at the time, and they even got the air conditioner in Receiving fixed. (Miracle of miracles!) So, WTF.

Anyway, I'm talking about non-physical pain right now.

...such as the 1984 Fiero sitting in a guy's driveway on a street in my neighborhood, with a "FOR SALE" sign on the windshield. It's got the 13" "turbo fin" rims, which is what tells me it's an '84. It's red. I don't even want to stop to look at it, because I might have to talk to the guy about it, and I don't want to know what he's asking or how many miles are on it or if it's even manual or auto.

I would love to have it. I'd have to get rid of the '86 and the MGB, and I can't really afford another damn car right now anyway, but once you are bitten by the Fiero bug you have a tendency to buy more. (Or, at least, to want to buy more.)

So it hurts me to drive past the thing, but I don't dare stop to look at it. *sigh*

* * *

I'm not going to go into a great deal of whiny stuff about being lonely here. I'm sure you can synthesize something appropriate. But that's a factor right now, too.

* * *

On the plus side, the penultimate ep of Doctor Who was pretty cool. Nothing like having the Doctor start to regenerate, eh? I liked how this ep worked better than the last one, the "Donna Noble's Big Adventure" ep.

Car shows: two new, two rerun, par for the course; since I taped 'em, I was able just to fast-forward past the ones I'd already seen.

Then, after dinner, I made with the anime. Mokke was about their cat going missing--it was a pretty good episode; that series is a keeper. I remembered the creature but not the correct name for it. It's a "bakeneko"; I thought "nekomata", which is wrong.

"Nekomata" is something like the one-eyed lantern with the gaping mouth and tongue hanging out. "Bakeneko" is a cat which has lived an extremely long time and become very powerful, and usually it has more than one tail to indicate this. (There's an entire class of monsters like this, ordinary animals which have become extraordinary and have multiple tails.)

"Bakeneko", of course, basically meaning "monster cat", and differentiated from "baka neko", which is "stupid cat".

True Tears did not go for the obvious tearjerker plot development, vis-a-vis Hiromi and Shin'ichiro. (No spoiler here.) I am just as happy with it; but it complicates everything else. I'm also sick of hearing about the stupid chicken.

I'm guessing that Shin'ichiro's parents run some kind of zymurgistry--I don't know what the hell to call it when they make sake. "Sake brewery" is wrong because you don't brew sake. Same for "distillery". It's not a "vineyard" because sake is rice wine, and rice doesn't grow on vines. I don't know. Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's sake, and fermentation is involved, hence his father is a zymurgist of some stripe. Besides, I just don't have that many opportunities to use "zymurgy" and its various conjugations in ordinary communication.

I do like True Tears, though.

No sign, yet, of Mission E, the Code E sequal. The raws are out there, but no one's subbed it yet. Damn it.

* * *

I bought this neat toy that launches little helicopter disks. They're about 2.5" across and the thing uses a motor powered by 3 AA batteries to spin them up to speed. So I was standing in the family room and launching the disks down the front hall--16 disks come with the thing--and the third time I did that, I came up one disk short. Crud. Well, it's down that way somewhere and I expect it'll turn up sooner or later.

The cats were having fun chasing them, though, which is part of the reason I bought the thing to begin with.

* * *

The nearby Chinese restaurant has this deal--you buy a certain amount of food, you get a coupon with it. Collect 10 coupons and turn them in and you get a free entree. So today Mom wanted something from there, for a change, and she insisted that I use the coupons. I didn't really care, so I took them with, and when I was going to pay for the food I carefully counted out 10 of the things.

The girl behind the counter carefully counted them and counted nine.

...well, I thought I had counted out 10 of them. *sigh*

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