atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1195: Glad I saved the receipt.

I bought an external hard drive enclosure today, intending to pop the P3's C: drive into it so I can access some stuff from there. Well, the freaking thing doesn't work.

The computer sees it; mounts it; and then UN-mounts it. Rinse, repeat. Ad infinitum.

Other people have had this problem with the exact same enclosure. Solution? "Make sure the drive is jumpered as 'Master'."

Did that. Same shit. it's going back. Well, what was I thinking? Why should it be simple?

* * *

The trip to Lowe's took four freaking hours. I was not surprised by this. Still, I'm now pretty much wiped out because it's freaking stressful. It's not quite as bad as buying a car--and I'm not even the person who's writing the check!

Our new kitchen is expensive. But not as expensive as we'd feared it would be. Ought to be pretty nice when it's done. I'll have to get "before" and "after" pictures....

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