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#1196: Biketard!

Biketard strips because she can't bring her bike into a Wal-mart. If you're afraid to leave your $600 bike locked up outside, to a fence post or something, maybe you should get a cheaper bike that you won't worry about having stolen. Guess what: you can get just as much exercise riding a $150 bicycle as you can riding a $600 bicycle, and--properly maintained--it will last you just as long. Oh, but it won't have the brand name on it, O, the agony!

Okay, I bought a "Roadmaster" 15-speed from K-mart in 1994, rode the hell out of it, and it's still in great condition. It cost me $100. Biketards will look down on it as a "toy" bike but at least I don't have to throw a hissy fit if I'm expected to leave it outside; if it were to get stolen, it wouldn't be a serious loss. That's why I bought it: to have a cheap bike I could ride anywhere and not have to worry about it getting stolen.

This stupid girl imagines that the people who were watching her strip were "in solidarity" with her, but in fact most of them were watching a free show hoping she'd go "all the way". Count on it.

* * *

Vox Day's scathing dissection of the Barak Hussein Obama "HopeChange" tour. Dayum, nothing like not pulling yer punches I always sez.

* * *

Speaking of Barak Hussein Obama, here is the real story behind his not visiting the troops: he couldn't make a big campaign photo-op out of it, so he didn't go.

* * *

This is an ad, not actually an article, but it contains a few nuggets of useful information regarding the cleanliness and efficiency of wind power. The money quote? "...industrial wind power turns out to be exceptionally costly to consumers, once the required backup infrastructure is factored into the equation."

I'm not surprised. Remember what I said: if it was all that cheap, clean, and convenient--if it was possible for wind power to compete with other forms--it would be in place already. The power companies wouldn't even have to build them. Some bright boy would get a bunch of venture capital together, build himself a wind farm, and sell the power to the electric company...if it were possible to make money doing so.

Obviously, it's not.

More wind farm news:

Home rendered worthless by proximity to windmill. Apparently the things are hideously noisy. Well, the people in this article don't live on Nantucket, nor are they important politicians, so I guess they just have to live with it.

England is already attempting to switch to renewable resources for electricity. There is one problem:
...there are relatively frequent periods when there is virtually no wind and, therefore, virtually no output from wind turbines, however wide their distribution throughout the UK.

These low wind periods are more likely to occur in the winter months (when demand is higher) and the irrefutable fact is that, in order to meet peak demand in these periods, the capacity allocated to wind turbines would have to be provided by other energy sources. At certain times this back-up would have to be almost 100 per cent of that estimated wind turbine capacity.
That means that for every megawatt of windmill power you have, you have to have a megawatt of conventional power plant on standby.

That backup plant will require maintenance and manpower. So a kilowatt-hour of windmill electricity ends up costing much more than a kilowatt-hour of plain old coal electricity.

This article is full of facts and figures. Awesome.

Penn and Teller on environmentalism. No wonder you don't see these guys on mainstream TV anymore.

No wonder at all. the former link I watched all three videos, comprising the total of the episode, and it's a fun watch, IMHO. The people they show don't seem to have bothered looking for or listening to information that contradicts their closely-held beliefs. I suspect that if you tried to tell them anything to the contrary, they would just get mad at you.

* * *

Yes, journalists should be impartial and objective. This means covering the campaign appearance, not participating in it.

But, WTF, the press is in the tank for Barak Hussein Obama; although they seem to think we're too stupid to recognize the fact, it's obvious that they are. What this boils down to is giving the appearance of objectivity.

Don't bother, jerks. Go right ahead and clap and cheer and whistle and throw your panties at the man. We know you want to.

* * *

How interesting: global warming equals FEWER hurricanes.

Nothing like changing your story to fit the data. Global warming was going to cause more and more-intense hurricanes, but unfortunately for these guys, reality didn't cooperate: we had fewer hurricanes. So now, suddenly, global warming means that there will be fewer hurricanes!

* * *

On the way home from Lowe's yesterday I stopped at Culver's and got me a concrete.

A concrete--for those of you who are unpriveleged ever to have had one--is frozen custard with stuff mixed in. I like Heath bars and Reese's Pieces, myself. (They didn't have the latter, so I substituted M&Ms.)

Real frozen custard is thick stuff, and very rich. I didn't eat any dinner; I had that, and it was quite enough for me. I hit the sack and slept after that.

It was the first one I'd had since 2005; I'd gone with some Fiero friends after Fierorama. So it's not something I eat all the time, which is just as well, considering. But once in a while it's a nice treat.

Considering that a medium concrete from Culver's costs as much as a half-gallon 1.5 quart package of ice cream, it damn well ought to be good.

Dairy Queen's "Blizzard" is not a concrete, because it uses vanilla ice cream. It's only a concrete if it's made with frozen custard.

* * *

I'm going to have to go back to freaking Circuit City with that hard drive enclosure and get my money back. If I want to put a drive in an enclosure so I can access the stuff on it, I guess I'm going to have to go to Fry's to get one that works. Jesus.

* * *

It's Monday, and what a Monday it is. It was already sticky when I went out for the paper, and I could tell by the smell and feel of the air that it's going to be another hot one.

* * *

Argh, I don't want to do anything. But I've got errands to run, so off I go.

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