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#1198: I'm pretty sure that's not air.

From Chizumatic:

Need I remind anyone that China is exempt from the Kyoto Protocol?

I have to wonder if any American city was ever that bad. When you can take up smoking and not increase your risk of lung disease you live in some pretty shitty air.

...I saw an article somewhere which said that a recent storm system got much of that guck out of the air, but how long before it builds up again?

* * *

"All it does is sit there and kill birds." Boortz's ringing endorsement. The Democrat convention attempted to offset its carbon footprint with this boondoggle. And, if you think about it, it's actually an apt metaphor for the party itself: spending a lot of money on something that doesn't work while patting themselves on the back for "caring".

And, WTF: "It's a new technology, so they don't have the bugs out of it." It's a freaking windmill. Humans have been building windmills for centuries.

* * *

Ex-Google engineers come up with a Google alternative. The Fungus will try it. Hopefully Cuil won't be as anti-American as Google is. (Or "has been", anyway, since this year they have been commemorating US holidays like Memorial Day, etc.)

* * *

The animations at the Dilbert web site have disappeared--I haven't seen any since Thursday of last week. The icon's still there. Hmm.

Considering that they were rather tepid reconstructions of old strips, I'm not really missing them that much. I would have liked to have seen the "Don't be afraid of change" one I like so much, though:


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