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#1201: 8 eps of WKRP done

Jan Smithers was hot in 1978. Damn. In some scenes she looks just as fluffy as Loni Anderson does. I always thought Jan Smithers was hotter than Loni Anderson anyway....

And it is, of course, entertaining for other reasons. I've enjoyed watching the first eight episodes. I wonder when the next season comes out? Because it won't be long before I've run through the first season.

As one might expect, there is the occasional video dropout. It's unavoidable with an analog source, particularly an analog source that was shot using tube-type cameras. The show is 30 freaking years old, after all.

It's interesting to see these people doing things without computers--no keyboards, no printers (except the teletype machines)--all the "canned" audio that doesn't come from records (vinyl LPs!) is stored on audio tape cassette similar to 8-track tape.

There's a funny scene in the first ep where the turntable wasn't set up right and Dr. Johnny Fever was rocking out to the label on the record--the tone arm had skated all the way across the record and was bumping against the spindle. Heh.

This was a worthwhile investment.

* * *

It's a muggy summer night, the crickets are chirping, and it's going to be another one tomorrow night. When I work. And Saturday night. When I work. But then at least I have Sunday off....

* * *

Speaking of worthwhile investments, I ordered the High School Girls manga--the first five volumes--from Robert's Corner Anime Store, and I just got an e-mail saying that my manga has shipped. Hoody hoo!

After I placed the order I found a torrent of the first three volumes of the manga. It's three RAR files; only the first volume is complete. I extracted the files and read it, and it turns out the torrent is from the American release.

Well, WTF, I've paid for my copies of it, haven't I?

Anyway, it's good reading. I'm not going to read volumes 2 and 3 on the computer and save them for when they get here, especially since it shouldn't be all that long anyway--Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, of next week, I think.

* * *

The past few days I've been feeling under the weather, for reasons which mystify me. I don't feel sick so much as just not well, and I don't understand why. Headache, dizzy, sleepy, etc. It's probably another sinus infection. I get those about 1x or 2x per year, because I've got a deviated septum (heavy glasses) and my head doesn't drain correctly. Argh etc.

I haven't got a fever, though. WTF>

* * *

Ep 24 of Mokke was deepressing. Jesus. That's the last regular episode of the show; I really hope the "special" makes up for it. Man, I didn't need that.

Ep 48 of Hayate no Gotoku promises to be heavy on Hinagiku. Hooray! The title is "Hina.Love" (pretend the "." is a heart). It's a play, of course, on the popular anime/manga title Love Hina.

...why the hell it's so popular is beyond me. I thought Love Hina sucked. Oh well.

Anyway, lots of Hinagiku:=happy Ed. I like Hina-chan.

Just two eps of El Cazador left. This is a pretty good series--not too grim and gritty, but serious while still being fun. I like it.

True Tears has two eps left and is, so far, working out better than other similar series have been working out. The story is not a dreary weep-fest like Clannad or Kimikiss-Pure Rouge turned out to be. It's not annoying like Lamune. I'm hoping it'll turn out all right.

I like the fact that it's set somewhere where it snows a lot, and the snow doesn't melt. I keep thinking "Hokkaido" but I don't really know; what I do know is that they actually get the look of the snow right. Even down to the backgrounds and establishing shots showing places where snow has been trodden into slush--it looks right, which is unusual for anime. Even anime which has a good budget for such things; I'm thinking the 2nd Patlabor movie here, where the snow fell far too slowly. The snow in True Tears looks good and the setting is wonderful.

(Shinichiro's parents make sake, by the way.)

I also finished watching both High School Girls and Doujin Work for the second time. I still like the HSG anime.

* * *

I have a new favorite line from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Igngnk and Rrr are traveling back to the Moon after Frylock has defeated them yet again, and Igngnk is giving the receding Earth the finger.

Rrr says something, and Igngnk says, "Quiet, Rrr; I am transmitting rage."

(I have no idea if that's how you actually spell their names. But, damn it, that's how they should be spelled!)

* * *

I've been re-reading Mika Waltari's The Egyptian. It's such an excellent story; Waltari really had a flair for bringing ancient civilizations back to life. And since I'm reading this I expect I'll also read The Etruscan, The Roman, and The Secret of the Kingdom. All of which I got from Read Books in Cedar Rapids before they closed.

I was very sad when that place closed. OMG, it was a treasure trove. *sigh*

* * *

Well, we got more rain this afternoon. Guess I'll be mowing the grass next week. Meanwhile, it'll be about 3 weeks before we get our new kitchen cabinets. *sigh*

I'm thinking of taking a trip to see my sister and her kids in Maine for a couple of weeks. I still have to talk to my sister about it, but Mom thinks it would be a good idea, and I wouldn't mind having to do a little work to help them get ready for winter.

Besides, the change of scene would probably do me a world of good, too. The events of a year ago are still too fresh in my mind, and I'm thinking too much about things that are beyond my ability to change right now. I'm in a rut, and it's not even a nice rut.

* * *

I'm so tired now I don't even remember when I woke up this morning. Good night.

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