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#1202: Hooray for Exxon!

Let me be the first to congratulate ExxonMobil on their new record. It's about time we heard some good economic news; I'm tired of all the doom-and-gloom stories about the economy.

It's a profit margin of about 8.5%. They made $11.68 billion profit on total income of $138.1 billion.

...and the bitching and whining anuses are legion in the comments. Whaa! They made so much money! Whaa! They shouldn't make so much! Whaaa! Dumbasses.

* * *

Speaking of stupidity, this article on Ars Technica is titled "Fuel cell improvements raise hopes for clean, cheap energy".

Fuel cells are not an energy source. Fuel cells are storage tanks. Most fuel cells use hydrogen and oxygen, and these have to be electrolyzed from water. It takes more energy to split the water molecule than you get back from burning hydrogen in oxygen (or recombining them in a fuel cell).

Increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of fuel cells is all well and good--don't get me wrong--but fuel cells are not a solution to our energy problems.

* * *

This is also not a solution. Barak Hussein Obama thinks that if we all just add a few PSI to our tires, that will fix everything.

Yeah, that's right. Just make sure your tires are correctly inflated. You might get an extra 1 MPG in your H2. That'll fix everything.

...I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought this was vapid, empty-headed nonsense.

* * *

Zimbabwe banknotes are collectors items! I'm not surprised. I wouldn't pay any $200 for one, though. No freaking way.

* * *

I hope I didn't eat dog while I was in the Philippines. I doubt I did. Oh well; if I did, I did, and WTF, nothing I ate tasted bad, except for that horrible hamburger at one place. O Lord, that was the worst hamburger I'd ever tasted in my life.

You know what they use to make ketchup in the Philippines? Bananas. Because they're cheap and plentiful, and tomatos are not. But banana ketchup is fricking awful.

In the unlikely event that I ever go back to the Philippines, I'm taking a bottle of real ketchup with me, damn it.

* * *

Anti-choice retard exults in the "death" of the SUV, and he gets most of the history wrong to boot.

He says that Ford built the first SUV in 1990, which is wrong. In fact, it was the Jeep Cherokee which started the SUV craze in the mid-1980s, by being comfortable, fun to drive, not huge, and having four doors and nice options. And the Cherokee wasn't even the first SUV. They existed long before that. I have no idea how far back the Jeep Cherokee goes, but it's a long way--to the early 1970s at least, and probably further. SUVs have been around for a long time.

He also doesn't seem to understand how the election system works in this country: "Even with President [Barak Hussein] Obama's imminent new environmental policies,..." Did I miss a memo? When did they hold the election? He's not President! He's not even officially the Democrat candidate yet; they haven't had the convention yet, which is why Barak Hussein Obama is the presumptive nominee.

I can see that I expect too much from this doofus. Besides, it's the San Francisco Chronicle. That's smack-dab in the middle of Fucktardland. Nevermind.

* * *

Work tonight, and a single short errand to run before I go to bed for the day. See you!

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