atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1207: At least it's nearly my weekend.

One more day of work, and then I have three off in a row. Hoody hoo. I like this new and improved work week.

Nazi bunkers found. Buried in sand for 60 years. Wow.

"World's oldest jokes"? A friend of mine, who was a Classic Lit major, said that the ancient Greeks had joke books, and they were the ancient equivalent of "Polock" jokes.

Rocket booster in a ditch, people don't care. Why should they? It's just a booster; it doesn't have a warhead.

* * *

Episodes 1 and 2 of Mission E have finally been seeded. I've got the 'bot hauling them in now.

* * *

There is a scene in Can't Buy Me Love where Cindy Mancini's presumptive boyfriend--who had gone to Iowa State the previous autumn--suddenly shows up at a New Year's Eve party.

The boyfriend, Bobby, has been absent the entire time. He hasn't called her, he hasn't sent letters, and Cindy has been moving on. Then, all alone on New Year's Eve, she's drinking a lot, and Bobby finally shows up. And, of course, Bobby gets mad that Cindy dated other people while he was away. (No mention of what his life has been like in Iowa. But do you think he's been a monk? A football star at a major university? Heh.)

Cindy drunkenly defends her relationship with Ronald, the movie's main character: "It was a fake! He was paying me! That's all!"
Bobby: Then that makes you a prostitute!

This sets up the big reveal, where everyone else learns that Ronald paid Cindy to pretend to go out with him for a month, which would make him popular. (It worked.)

But I later came up with another joke.

Cindy: We just spent a night roping and branding cattle, that's all!
Bobby: Then that makes you a cowboy!

* * *

The impending Cycle 24 sunspot that was forming on the sun's surface has disappeared. Oh well.

* * *

The Kohl's near here is going to have a job fair, but I don't know if I'm going to bother. It's pretty certain that they won't have an overnight crew, and I don't want to work days--nights suit me better, for a variety of reasons.

Besides which, having learned that the person who I was positive was next in line for a promotion is probably the furthest thing from it, I feel better about the place. If that guy had actually been the next guy to advance, I would have had to leave, because he's douchebag. But he's not. The person who is most likely to advance is a promotion I would heartily endorse; if they chose to promote that person instead of me, I'd get right behind it, because that person is a hard worker, a long-term employee, and eminently qualified for the job.

I'd rather it was me who got it...but face it, it'll be a while before they need a new team lead, so F it.

* * *

In the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was President, 5.7% unemployment--the figure reported recently--was "full employment". But of course George W. Bush is President now, so "unemployment is on the rise!" and it's a dire result for the economy. Flee in terror etc. *sigh*

* * *

I just need to find out if my vacation request has been approved. Then I'm going to buy my plane tickets and go to Maine for a couple weeks. Whee! ...although I'd wager I'll be fixing stuff and moving stuff and so on. Well, it'll be less work than going to work is. Ha ha!

* * *

And that's really just about all I've got. I slept for 11 hours, and I think I'll try to get a couple more winks before I have to go to work tonight.

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