atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1208: Quiet, Rrr. I am transmitting rage.

Big line of storms roared through last night. Tornado warning for downtown Chicago, that's how bad things were.

I got up early to check the weather, then hit the showers. I left 10 minutes early, thinking, WTF, with the torrential rains and such I might have to drive to work slower than normal.

I had intended to hit Taco Bell for breakfast; but when I got to Taco Bell, there was a car parked across the drive through entrance and a sign on the door: "Closed due to storm".


So I went to Burger King, next door. Waited about 15 minutes for two Whoppers--and when I was done there, it was about the time I would normally get to that part of Orland Park...and Taco Bell was open again.

Universe to Ed: Fuck you, pal. Yeah, you. Fuck. You.


At least the burgers were tasty.

* * *

Of course it was an egregiously hot night despite the fact that the air conditioning was working all over the store.

* * *

...WOW, that was impressive. I'm sitting here typing away, and suddenly


I mean,


like a freaking bomb went off. That was one hell of a lightning bolt.

...or maybe Al Qaeda set off a nuke and I'm screwed. Maybe lightning struck something explosive. Who knows.

* * *

...even though the air conditioning was working all over the store, it was still hot and sticky in there. I did Backstock, then Warehouse, then Receiving, and at 6 AM I was out of there.

Ran the AC all the way home, got in the shower as soon as I was home, just finished dinner, and once this is done, I'm going to go lay down. I am beat.

* * *

I see that I failed to discuss the fact that the High School Girls manga is awesome. I really like the style of the art, and the writing is pretty good. I'm going to have to order the other four volumes of it.

* * *

Since my vacation has been approved, I'm now starting to compile a list of things I want to take with me to Maine. Hee hee hee. D&D books. Laptop. Art stuff. Anime. Heh.

I'm looking forward to this trip, although I expect I won't be able to post much while I'm there. That's how it goes, sometimes.

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