atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1212: I might drink too much Pepsi.

...I just entered 135 "Pepsi points" into my PepsiStuff account.

I had 70 points in my account; this raised my total to 205 points. Then I spent 150 points on a canvas duffel bag with the Pepsi logo on it, so now I've got 55 points left.

5 more and I could get another Pepsi shirt, to go along with the two I've already gotten with Pepsi points.

Since this promotion started I've "bought" an MP3 (5 points), two shirts (60 points each for a total of 120 points), the duffel bag (150 points), and a few sweepstakes entries (1 point each) with them; that's 275 plus the 55 remaining, for a total of 330-odd points entered. Mostly via one-point bottlcaps. Yeah.

Jeeze louise.

Attention Pepsico: as one of your most faithful customers, don't you think I deserve a bulk discount or something?

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