atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1213: Taking the plunge.

Well, I've had my Dell Inspiron 8000 for more than a year, and only now am I getting around to buying a new battery for it. It's only needed a new battery since I bought it; in fact the ad that I responded to mentioned that it needed a new battery. That was one of the reasons I got it so cheap.

The low price I paid for it kept me from being upset that the drive in the machine--which had been purported to be a DVD/CD-RW drive--was in fact just a CD-R drive. In fact, I'm not even sure of that. I've never tried to burn a CD on it. But I know for a fact that it won't read DVDs, and it shows up in Device Manager as a CD drive.

So I just placed an order to the tune of $125 for a battery and a DVD/CD-RW drive. This will approximately double the investment I have in mobile computing.

For my upcoming trip to Maine, I want a fully-functioning laptop. Not to mention that it'll be better for me if I can bring my anime AVIs on DVD rather than CD--it take fewer of them, and I can still watch my downloaded anime while I'm there.

(Depending on the size of the ep, you can fit 20-26 eps on a standard 4.7 GB DVD-R. This is better than the--what, two or three?--you can fit on a typical CD-R.)

I've got my tickets. I used Priceline; I used them last year for my Philippines trip and was moderately happy with how things worked out.

Priceline then sent me an e-mail asking me if I want to rent a car, and I have to wonder: "mid-size car" is $23 per day. "Economy car" is $38 per day. WTF. (Except gas costs more? Could that be why?)

...I'm going to be there from the 18th until the 30th; I'm not paying $300 for a car I'll use for only a few of those days. It's easier and cheaper for me to give my sister $$$ for gasoline.

Anyway, it's all good, I guess.

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