atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1216: The new anime playlist.

Rosario + Vampire
Ultimate Girls
Sketchbook-Full Colors
Hayate no Gotoku

The latter title has all of two episodes left, so it'll be off the list in pretty short order.

I'm going to be adding another title to the list once it does, only I'm not sure what, yet.

* * *

Notice that Comic Party Revolution is not on there? I dropped it from the playlist partway through episode two when I finally realized that this shit is not going to get better.

Comic Party (CP) had a cohesive plot and cute girls. There were a couple of episodes where the main character was acting like a complete dickhead, but that was part of the story, at least.

Comic Party Revolution is a crapload of loosely-connected junk and there's no apparent over-arching story. There was apparently a Comic Party game that came between the first and second animated series, and a lot of stuff from the game is apparently canon for the anime. Unfortunately, this has ruined the series, turning it from a "slice of life" story about doujinshi fans into something different that I can't understand since I don't know what happened in the stupid game. (Which was, I expect, an ero-game to boot.)

And the girls aren't cute. Worse, some of the girls have annoying vocal mannerisms; Subaru (added from the game, I guess) has this irritating "Pagyuu!" thing she emits periodically which is not cute at all but invariably infuriating, especially since Subaru has the intellect of a moldy sweat sock. Even Eimi--who didn't do this in CP--now has her own nonsensical catch-phrase. Eimi has gotten dumber, too, which she didn't need.

End result, the sequel to a story that was moderately interesting and entertaining is neither. Don't waste your time on it.

* * *

I've also noticed that there is a third Starship Troopers movie out now. Looks like they finally got power suits. What a waste of money.

* * *

No, I'm not watching any of the Olympics.

* * *

Funny department: Matt and Angie bought another Fiero and got a surprise. You have to go to Photobucket to see the actual surprise and not just read about it, but that picture is NSFW which is why they didn't post it on the Fiero Forum, and why I linked to it rather than posted the picture myself.


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