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#1218: Early Monday Links

Al Franken draws crowd of one. Wow, that says something, doesn't it? I don't even feel like making fun of the guy even though he's been a hatemonger for some time. I just feel too sorry for the dickhead for that.

* * *

Planet is going to get 4°C hotter soon. And there's no way we can survive it! "But the idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous," says the article! It'll mean the end of everything! We're all screwed unless we go live in caves!

What a load of horseshit. The only thing "absurd and dangerous" here is the notion that human beings can cause 4°C of warming in the first place. Particularly during a solar minimum which has seen a 0.75° drop in the global temperature anomaly, which has completely eradicated all the warming of the 20th century.


* * *

"Don't run allegations that you can't prove." At least, when the allegations are against a Democrat.

I like this quote: "I was taught when I was a young reporter that it's news when we say it is." Poor mainstream media drone! You can't control what people hear and see! Whaaa!


* * *

Here is a worthwhile article on the role journalism plays and/or should play in the eco-debate. It's a bit long but worth reading.

* * *

Wind power ain't so green after all. This is stuff I've been saying all along.

Not to mention the fact that if you extract energy from wind, the wind doesn't blow as hard or as far, which changes weather patterns. Extract enough energy and you've screwed up the environment of the people who live downwind of you.

And they kill birds.

* * *

Jerry Pournelle's web site has a bit of an e-mail from a reader who says this:
Hydrogen leaks extremely well. Even Swagelock(R) fittings are probably not good enough for mass use. Only helium leaks better, but at least helium does not scarf up ozone better than chlorofluorocarbons could ever hope to. This is a property of hydrogen not often mentioned by proponents of The Hydrogen Economy although it appears to be quite a salient one and not to be disposed of by mere handwaving.
Hydrogen depletes ozone! And hydrogen--being lighter than air--rises pretty quickly to the altitude at which ozone exists. No hanging around waiting for UV light to break chemical bonds, freeing chlorine; it zips right up there and gets to work!

* * *

I've got a busy week ahead of me. Trip preparation, get the Jeep smogged, finish the kitchen renovation shopping, etc, etc. *sigh*

And work, of course.

So I guess I'd better sleep while I can. See you!

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