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#1228: Last regularly-scheduled post for a while.

...because this time tomorrow morning I expect to be on my way to Maine, high above the Earth, rocketing through the stratosphere in a pressurized metal tube supported by an air pressure differential.

And where I'm going they don't have WiFi or broadband, and I lack a dial-up account. So I'll be able to get on once in a while and write about stuff, but I wouldn't count on it.

To make it all better, I don't have anything to comment on--at least, nothing from the news.

* * *

Saturday morning I took Mom to the bank, and since we had to wait in line I shut the car off. When I went to restart it, I got about one revolution out of the starter and the entire electrical system went dead. Totally dead: no seat belt beeper, no idiot lights, nothing.

If I left the ignition switch in "run", the lights would slowly fade up. But trying to start the car would result in utter deadness again.

I tried letting the car roll and popping the clutch, but that didn't work.

So I got the car parked across the street and popped the hood. I couldn't figure out what the hell the problem was but it was acting like a bad battery cable, so I gave both cables a yank.

The car started.

When I got home, then, I took the battery cables off and cleaned the battery terminals thoroughly. The positive cable terminal was coated with corrosion.

How annoying. At least it was a relatively quick fix, anyway.

* * *

Since my vacation started at 6 AM this morning, I left work a bit after 6. Receiving was not finished; all the backstock was put up and located but the pallets weren't stacked, the vendor product was not put in its dayside location, and the back wall had not been pulled in.

The boss makes an annoying habit of not worrying about Receiving. He couldn't care less about it; the metrics he worries about have to do with push times. But Receiving has to be done every day, and it takes some serious effort to do it correctly. He just assumes that someone will get it done.

As for me, I've come to the conclusion that we should not store so much vendor product. I estimate that we waste 320 man-hours per year just schlepping that crap around so we can do our job; that's a man-month--and we shouldn't have to do that. There are dedicated spots in the back aisle for vendor product; why the hell do we have to dedicate still more space to it?

There are a bunch of things we could do to fix the situation. Just one idea would be to give the storage trailer entirely over to bicycle storage--most of the assembled bicycles are already stored there anyway--so we could get rid of the hanging storage for the bikes and put vendor product there.

I don't know, but I do know it's stupid and inefficient for us to waste time every night moving these pallets, and then moving them back.

* * *

So that's about it for now. Today I need to cut the grass and pack, and somewhere in there I've got to get some sleep, too.

See you all later!

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