atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1229: AF on the road 1

As I write this I’m at 37,000 feet in an Airbus A-320.  I know I promised myself never to fly on an Airbus product, but the trip to the Philippines last year broke that rule—I was aboard an Airbus from Cagayan de Oro City to Manila on the trip back.

This morning I got up at 1:30 AM to get out the door around 2-ish.  I followed my plan:  I went to the bank in Steger to hit the ATM there.

Message on ATM screen:  “Sorry, I am being serviced.”  At 2:05 AM?  BS.  So I turned around and went back to the bank in Crete.

Just as I turned the corner onto Exchange street, the freaking railroad crossing gates start lowering, and I said many bad words.

Bank, money, McDonald’s, and then off to the bus terminal in Crestwood.  The bus terminal was just opening as I arrived, heh.  Got my ticket, and the bus left at 3:50, right on schedule.  My biggest fear—that I would miss that bus—fortunately did not come to pass.

US Airways’ stupid e-ticket kiosks are for the birds.  They use a touch screen which has the approximate sensitivity of a nuclear reactor containent vessel.  I was able to get myself checked in but wasn’t able to select a window seat.  I don’t mind a window seat for shorter flights, like this one—less than a couple hours.   Fortunately, the person at the gate was able to fix it for me.

So I played some Diablo II, and now—while I’m typing this—I’ve got ep 9 of Hayate no Gotoku on.  Heh.

Here I am, on an airplane, and watching anime.  If I’d had just a little bit of foresight I would have put the next eps in the playlist into this machine, and could have watched something I haven’t seen too much of.

The only other thing is, I’m going to have to dig into the stuff that makes this laptop tick, because it’s running so dog slow that it’s interfering with my ability to type.  (Even without the video player running.)

Or maybe it’s just because I’m used to my dual-core desktop…


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