atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1230: AF on the road, part 2

As expected, it’s cooler up here than it is in IL.

They have several chickens—one rooster, a handful of hens—a pair of rabbits, a dog, and pigeons roosting in the shed.

I fed the rooster some blackberries; now I am apparently the bird’s new best friend.  The bird reminds me of Raigomaru from True Tears. 

This afternoon I had the opportunity to sit alone in the living room and read in profound silence—so utterly quiet that my ears began to ring.  Awesome.  The silence was only broken by what I thought was some douchebag in the distance revving up his Harley.

Only, there is a hummingbird feeder near that window, and when I moved the chair, I saw that hummingbirds were coming by for lunch—and hummingbirds make a sound like little Harleys when they change flight modes (such as going from “hover” to “cruise”, or vice versa).

<*  *  *>

The celebrity roasts on Comedy Central are moronic.  Right now my sister has the Bob Saget one on, and it’s a series of gay jokes and stupid toilet humor.

I thought gay jokes were off-limits now.

I thought the Dean Martin roasts in the ‘70s were better.  At least the FCC kept them from using the kind of language which would set sailors (and their pets) on fire.

<*  *  *>

The sky, of course, is utterly clear of light pollution here.  I went outside for a bit after House, MD and I think I might have seen the USS Boondoggle (International Space Station, for those of you who aren’t regular readers) pass overhead.  It didn’t blink, it moved pretty fast, and it moved in a straight line—“something in orbit” is the only thig that fits the facts.

And I can see the Milky Way, too.  Awesome.  Later I’m going to go out to look for the Pleades and maybe the Andromeda galaxy.


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