atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1233: AF on the road 4

Today was “laptop repair day”.  My niece has an iMac G4 laptop that got dropped; I disassembled it in the (vain) hope that something had been jogged loose when it suffered “the sudden stop”.

I also transferred a hard drive from one LT to another—did a brain transplant—thus moving my nephew’s hard drive into a LT that didn’t have a broken USB port.

This is after I—yesterday—disassembled this unit and got all the packing peanut fragments out of it in the (again vain) hope that this would clear up the battery charging problem this unit apparently has.

The new battery has remained at 21% charged since I arrived here.  It was around 30% charged when I got it.  I ran it a bit on battery power on the airplane.  Therefore, the batteries do not charge even though the battery applet says they are charging.  No matter what combination I try, they do not charge.

The internal power supply and battery charging stuff is part of this thing’s motherboard.  In order to fix that problem I would basically have to get a new laptop.

So, WTF.  This laptop has its uses; but I am now thinking I might just as well go ahead and start saving my pennies for a new one.  Good deals can be had if one is patient.

That would relegate this machine to—I don’t even know what.  I haven’t even tried turning the old Presario 1230 on since I got this one; would this one end up collecting dust too?

It’s a shame, though, because although it’s a little slow, it’s still a decent computer.

Assuming that I do get a new laptop, it’ll be either a Gateway or a Dell, and it’ll probably have built-in WiFi and a bunch of other niftiness.  Chances are I won’t be able to use any of the stuff I’ve got, either—batteries, DVD drive, etc, etc.  *sigh*

Oh well.


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