atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#123: Joys etc part 3

After all that, the brakes still don't work.

I picked up new rotors on Sunday and installed everything on Monday morning. First I managed almost to strip out the bleeder threads in the right side caliper, but fortunately the Speed Bleeders that I use have slightly larger threads than the stock Fiero bleeders. I took the stock one out and put the Speed Bleeder in, and was able to get a good tight seal.

Then when I bolted on the tires, I couldn't turn them. Removing the lug nuts let me turn the tires. The goddamned new rotors didn't fit.

The new rotors were made in China and had not been cut properly--the inner diameter of the rotor "hat"--the part which fits over the hub--should have been about 1 mm larger in diameter. At least, the inner edge should have been; the way these rotors are made, they rub against the dust shield.

I took out the die grinder and radiused that edge a bit, to give more clearance, but I was only able to do the driver's side, because I had to go to bed so I could go to work on Monday night. The passenger side remains to be done.

Besides that, the new calipers won't self-adjust. And now the brake lights stay on after I've stepped on the brakes. ARRGH!

To fix the parking brake I'm looking at over $100 worth of parts, too. *sigh*

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