atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1235: AF on the road 6

A day spent reading, playing D2, and avoiding human contact.  A “not safe for fabrics” day.  *sigh*

This evening I went outside after dark and saw the Milky Way very clearly.  It’s been a while since I saw it; it’s no longer visible from home, not even the faint way I remember from my childhood.

My latest D2 character, SuperHussy, got renamed “Ruinatress”.  In retrospect I should have made it “Ruinatrix”, but I can always re-rename her.  WTF.  Partway through the second act of the game she’s 81st level.  Hoody hoo etc.

This machine is running version 1.12 of D2, which is pretty cool anyway as I’ve come across some set items that I’ve never seen before.  The experience tables seem a bit looser now, too.

“Ruinatress” came to me while I was wandering the desert outside of Lut Gholein.  I killed some monsters and thought, “I’m going to ruinate all of you!”  There is a scene in Any Which Way You Can where this biker exhorts his gang to maintain their anger at Philo Beddoe:  “It was Philo Beddoe what ruinated all of ya!”  And I laughed and thought it would be a good name for a D2 character.

I started rereading Mika Waltari’s The Etruscan, and it’s a little disappointing—the narrative is a bit sketchy.  Where The Egyptian has a nice linear plot, this book tends to skip things and refer to them with too little detail, and it’s not obvious what’s happening. Some of this is probably because of the translation, of course.

I’ve been keeping up with the anime playlist, so I’m getting to the end of Kanokon, Sketchbook, Rosario + Vampire, and Ultimate Girls.  If I’m still here when I get to the end of them, I’ve got other stuff to rewatch, like Umisho and Kaze no Stigma.

I also lent my niece the first two volumes of High School Girls.  We’ll see if she likes them any.

The laptop seems to be running a bit faster after I cleaned out a bunch of crap that I never use—several programs including Roxio’s obnoxious junkware, which freed up well over a gigabyte of disk space in the bargain.  At least the keyboard is responding better than it was and I can almost type at full speed on it now.  That’s a big improvement.

Whatever it was, it was something that was taking up too many resources when Word was running, because it responded horribly slowly to the keyboard.

That nonetheless does not change my mind about buying a new laptop.  I dislike the fact that I can’t use it as an actual laptop, without having the power cord plugged into it—I’ve confirmed that this thing cannot and will not charge batteries.  That’s why the battery that came with it was dead:  it had been sucked dry and never charged, and there’s a good chance that it’s been ruined by the experience.

And the parts required to repair this thing are probably too expensive to be worth it.  So…new laptop.  Nothing hideously expensive, but I’ve seen some nice units going for around $500 at the big electronics stores.   Hee hee.

Only problem is, this machine has a 15” screen, and I doubt that anything in the $500 range is likely to have such a big screen.  *sigh*


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