atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1236: AF on the road 7

To further confound me, the laptop’s performance has now returned to “adequate”.  I guess deleting a lot of the junkola that I dumped was more help than I thought it would be.  I got rid of stuff that I was pretty sure I will never use (*cough*Roxiocrap*cough*) and freed up lots of drive space—not as much as I’d hoped to—and the letters now appear on screen about as quickly as I type them.  Maybe the talk about a new laptop has scared this one.  Heh.

This evening I spent a couple hours—well, most of the evening—talking with my niece about manga, anime, SF, writing, D&D, etc.  I gave her some critiques of her first-ever manga story effort (not bad at all) and gave her story advice.  She has an idea for a manga story that sounds good.  She’d been reluctant to explain it to me, citing the fact that it was embarassing, but after hearing it I told her there was nothing wrong with it at all. 

As for me, I showed her the layouts for Chicory.  

The weather today has been pleasantly cool, and it promises to be a pleasantly cool night.  

…I missed hearing who Barak Hussein Obama’s running mate is, but I’ll be back up to speed relatively soon after I get back, I expect.

Argh, I’m tired.  I haven’t had a long in-depth intelligent creative discussion with anyone in a long time; at work there is not the time to talk with other creative types except on breaks, which last—at most—half an hour.  

Well, so it’s about time for me to brush my teeth and hit the hay.  I’m sleepy.


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