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#1239: AF on the road 10

The local convenience store has Arizona green tea with ginseng and plum juice.  This is a beverage which has disappeared from the Chicago area.  O how I miss it.  This evening, after a shower, I bopped over the hill into town and bought some snacks—tomorrow my niece expects me to run a D&D adventure and I can’t do that without something to munch on, including chocolate.

I have cut up as much of the fallen log as my back will allow.  Today it was giving me fits while I tried to finish everything.  Finally, about the time my shoulders were turning to mush, I gave up.  I stacked everything neatly and decided that was all I could do. 

Still, “all I could do” turns out to be a lot.  I’ve got maybe a quarter-cord of wood cut—not bad for a city boy—and neatened everything up considerably.  It looks much better than it did when I got here.  Other than a small pile of thick branches, there’s nothing left but the huge main bole of the log that fell, which I can’t really cut with an 18” chain saw anyway.  (I could do it, but I don’t care to.)

The chain saw is repaired and usable by anyone who cares to use it, so if my sister’s estranged husband cares to do more work on the log, he’s got everything he needs to do it.  (I even bought a new gas can for the fuel for the thing, as the existing can had spent too many years in the sun, and the plastic was shot.)

So now I’ve got a couple days left of my vacation;  I work Monday and then have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off…and if my calculations are correct, I won’t have to work next Saturday (the 6th), either.  Hoody hoo.

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Trading ghost stories with your niece until the small hours:  priceless.


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