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#1241: VP wars, and miscellany


How the hell does Barak Hussein Obama pick someone like Biden to be his running mate?

Well, WTF, I suppose he's got to pick someone who's not going to steal the limelight.

As for McCain's pick--

What a pick. Already the Democrats are collectively wetting themselves over Sarah Palin. They've said a whole bunch of mean, nasty things about her right out of the box, things that no Republican could even think about getting away with saying about anyone (let alone a political opponent) and the media is--as usual--giving Democrats a complete pass. When they--as MSNBC did--aren't piling on as well.

The Democrats' assertions that Sarah Palin is "too inexperienced"--you will soon a video montage of those statements in the multimedia dictionary next to the definition of "chutzpah", considering that Barah Hussein Obama has served in the Senate a total of 143 days. And she's governor of Alaska, which means she's got more executive experience than McCain, Biden, and Barak Hussein Obama combined.

She's the best-looking female politician I've seen in a damn long time, too.

The Anchoress observes Democrat hypocrisy regarding Sarah Palin's life choices. It's okay for Bill Clinton to commit adultery with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, but--OH MY GOD SARAH PALIN WAS ALREADY PREGNANT WHEN SHE GOT MARRIED! How dare she? That harlot! Christians are held to a higher standard!

And the Dems are equally upset with Sarah Palin because--get this--she didn't abort a child when amniocentesis showed that the child had Down's Syndrome, but instead she chose to have the child. So she can't win: she got married because she got pregnant, which makes her a bad Christian; but she lived up to her pro-life ideals, which makes her a bad mother.

(I am merely going to dismiss the idiotic notion that Palin's daughter had Trig, the aforementioned child, as a result of incest. First off, that Democrats even thought about this shows more about them than they think; second, it's at odds with the facts: you do not leak amniotic fluid if you are not actually pregnant. Then again, this is the same crowd which believes that 9/11 was a Chimpy McBushitlerhalliburtonCheneyevilbastard "inside job"; they are willing to believe any story of Republican perfidy no matter how insane.)

* * * I am still trying to get caught up with my on-line stuff, and I haven't really gotten all the way there yet. I spent too much time this morning reading Jalopnik.

I have found, to my dismay, that AT&T has cut Usenet access. I haven't dug into the particulars yet; they may only have changed the server addresses or something--but it seems likely that AT&T has cut Usenet access in order to go along with the anti-kid-pr0n measures that other ISPs have implemented.

It's irritating, particularly for someone like me who sifts Usenet for anime OSTs and doujins. There are Usenet providers who will provide Usenet access for a fee, but I shouldn't have to pay extra to get that, damn it. It's irritating--and will cutting Usenet access really have any effect on die-hard ped0philes? I'm pretty sure that people who are engaged in illegal on-line activity and who are committing federal crimes by up- and downloading illegal pictures and movies are not going to use easily-tracked methods of distributing their gunk.

For years I have observed that going after the perverts on chat rooms and web sites is the "low-hanging fruit"; the hardcore criminals are not going to be so easily caught. But I doubt that having the ISPs cut Usenet access will even slow these guys down. What can you do if someone has paid for 'Net access under an assumed name using a "rechargable" credit card to pay for the account? If he uses IP spoofing and logs onto a third-party Usenet server which promises not to save any access information? (And even if they did, it would be a spoofed IP address linked to a fake name anyway?)

The Internet allows you to back-track packets but only if everyone plays by the rules. It's easy enough to hide your tracks if you want to, and someone who is trafficking in hardcore pornography featuring children has plenty of incentive to want to hide his tracks. Many of the investigative techniques used by the FBI to find these scumbags rely on the scumbags not being very 'Net savvy or paranoid--in fact, at the base of it all, they rely on the scumbags standing up and saying, "Hi! I'm a scumbag!"

My point is, I don't know what this does for the cause of preventing pedophiles from distributing their junk; but I do know that it inconveniences me to a considerable extent.

Of course it ends up saving AT&T money as it no longer has to maintain Usenet servers or pay for Usenet bandwidth. *sigh* But, what the hell; if it keeps even one kid safe from bad guys, I guess it's a small price to pay.

* * *

I've got a shitload of anime eps to download, and there's a new list of fall season anime that's going to be pumped out, and I've got a short list:

EF--a Tale of Melodies A sequel to the prior series, of course. It wasn't a bad series even if it did go overboard from time to time on ART!.

Hyakko Another slice-of-life series. The art style looks good. I know nothing else about it.

Rosario + Vampire Capu 2 I just finished R+V and thought it was pretty good, even though I really hare vampires.

Kannagi Pygmalion with the serial numbers filed off, but WTF, it's endured because it's a good story. The art style looks good.

Yozakura Quartet I don't know what appeals to me about this, but the synopsis and art looked okay, so WTF.

Clannad After Story Again, WTF--Clannad is the series which led to the creation of the "now cry" meme, but hopefully this follow-on will be about as entertaining as the original series was. (It wasn't really that bad, to be honest.)

Toradora! It sounds like it may be interesting. As the least popular person in my high school class, I have a soft spot in my heart for outcasts, anyway.

Akano Iro ni Somaru Saka An eroge adaptation. There's always at least one in my short list. Heh. I demand pandering!

Kyou no Go no Ni Sounds like it'll be a laugh riot.

There are a couple series in the main list which scream WARNING DANGER DO NOT APPROACH, including one which apparently is an anime adaptation of a cosmetics manga (?!?) and the usual yaoi offering. (No idea how long that link will last. Their prior listing for the Summer '08 season disappeared, damn it. I took the precaution of making a PDF of this one.)

Steven naturally is more pessimistic than I am. He refers to this list as "a vast wasteland". Well, his standards are different from mine, I guess. (Then again, I liked High School Girls. You've been warned.)

* * *

Finally, it's 1 PM on a work day. I've got to hit the hay soon. *sigh* The first day of work after a nice vacation is always the hardest.

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