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#1243: New rules for THE LIST!

Original post.

I can't find the additions, so let's do this:

XX) When a female Democrat has a family and runs for office, the fact that she has a family is just one of her many qualifications, and it shows that she's a strong and successful woman who can multi-task.

XX+1) When a female Republican has a family and runs for office, she's abandoning her family.

XX+2) Sexist attacks against a Republican woman are justifiable political maneuvers.

* * *

Warning: this link is full of liberal bile. I mean, look at this shit. This woman is a voter. Jesus. This woman believes that Trig Palin is actually Bristol Palin's child, not Sarah's. Wow.

* * *

Protein Wisdom on Sarah Palin.

* * *

AARP is running all kinds of ads which are apparently pushing socialized medicine. Apparently 1.85 million Americans "go bankrupt" due to medical bills in a year and that's just not fair.

* * *

Mr. Newt (Gingrich) pointed this out:

22 years ago, Sarah Palin's husband Todd was arrested for DUI.

22 years ago, Barak Hussein Obama was doing cocaine. (And this is according to Barak Hussein Obama himself.)

* * *

I'm trying to decide if I want to watch the speeches from the GOP convention, and I'm not sure I do. I already know how I'm voting--and Sarah Palin gives me something to vote for--and I'm not sure I can handle the scheduled appearance of Fred Thompson.

* * *

Anyway, the anime playlist is calling to me. I'm re-watching Umisho, Bamboo Blade, Kaze no Stigma, and Hayate no Gotoku; in fact Sugar, a Little Snow Fairy is the only series I'm watching that's new to me. How pathetic.

* * *

I just finished rereading The Secret of the Kingdom, a novel by Mika Waltari. It's set in Roman-occupied Israel in 33 AD, and it takes place at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus, his resurrection, and the 40 days before his ascension to heaven. It's written from the viewpoint of a Roman citizen who witnesses the last minutes of Jesus' life, and who is so affected by the event that he seeks to learn about Jesus and "his kingdom".

What an awesome read for a Christian.

* * *

Guliani just said it: Sarah Palin has more executive experience than the entire Democrat ticket combined. On the her second day as a mayor she had "twice the experience" of the Democrat ticket Bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha!!!

* * *

Hey! September 27 and 28 are National Alpaca Farm Days! Now you too can meet an alpaca!

To be honest I think my sister ought to get a couple of llamas or alpacas for her farm....

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