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#1246: Proof of leftward bias in the media.

You want confirmation? There's your confirmation!

And the article from which I got it.

But why be surprised? "US Weekly" is a trash rag of tripe, but it's merely doing what a bunch of other media outlets are wanting to do. In its own way, it's funny.

"US Weekly", we congratulate you for being honest about your bias.

(Michelle Malkin does something I thought about doing myself....)

* * *

The really nice thing about the left's PMS (God love you, Anchoress) over Sarah Palin is that it will serve to energize the conservative wing of the GOP.

Here's the deal: many conservatives were turned off by McCain's nomination; McCain himself is a moderate-to-liberal Republican, frequently going against the party, which is why the press loved him so much before he got the nomination. Sarah Palin is clearly a conservative, and what's more, she's obviously energized the party to a considerable extent, one that few observers could (or would) have predicted.

The press is falling over itself to hype Barak Hussein Obama and to help the Democrats destroy Sarah Palin, and this will anger many conservatives enougn to make them vote for McCain instead of staying home.

So please, please, keep this kind of nonsense coming, guys. Keep up with the sexism and the pounding of the asinine conspiracies and the demagoguery. The last two elections had razor-thin margins and your unfounded attacks on Sarah Palin may energize the GOP enough to hand us a victory in November.

Stop smearing Sarah Palin, say female Republican leaders; but I say the opposite: keep it up. Please. Not only will you further marginalize yourselves, but you'll also hand the White House to the GOP in November.

* * *

Ann Coulter approves of Sarah Palin.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Democrats' quest to overturn the civility of US elections fired another shot at President Bush. Biden promises that if he and Barak Hussein Obama are elected, there will be investigations and charges and scandal and prison (and executions?) for the Bush Administration.

Biden himself says "'Have you figured out what is worth losing over?' he said. 'Because if you have not, it's just raw ambition. Barack [Hussein Obama] understands what is worth losing over.'"

Does he now? Barak Hussein Obama has reversed his positions on a lot of issues. I don't think any issue that important to Barak Hussein Obama has come up yet. What would it take?

* * *

Suck it, Taliban POWs! According to the peaceful religion of Islam, dogs are "unclean"; this therefore is a "war crime".

How many islamic psychos respect the religious beliefs of their prisoners? I think that number approximates 0.00; and in any event I doubt that religious considerations are part of the Geneva Convention, which doesn't even apply to terrorists in the first place as the Geneva Convention specifically excludes combatants who don't wear uniforms and who hide behind civilians, innocents, and non-combatants.

If they want to claim protection under the Geneva Convention, these idiots should first form a real army, in which case they'll all have to wear uniforms. Of course, it's impossible to smuggle a Semtex vest through a security checkpoint if the guards see that you're wearing the uniform of the Glorious Army of Psychotic Retards; screams of "racial profiling" only work in countries that don't have serious terror problems and your attempt at suicide bombing will end up with you being arrested. You might set the vest off and take a few security guards with you, but that won't meet your goal of killing a bunch of innocent women and children, now will it?

If you're fighting a war and you get captured, guess what? You don't get to choose where your captors hold you. (John McCain kind of found that one out in Viet Nam.) So if you don't like the fact that you're being held in a dog kennel or a pig pen, tough fucking shit, asshole.

* * *

Lastly, Dan dispels a few myths about the mercury hazards of compact flourescent bulbs. This also explains why people can handle mercury and not immediately turn into raving lunatics or corpses--the pure metal is not so easily metabolized.

This comes as a relief to me, but not a surprise, to be honest.

Despite that, it's still true that mercury is not something you want leaching into the water table, and replacing all the incandescent bulbs with CF bulbs will result in tons of the stuff being released 10, 20 years down the line as the bulbs burn out and are thrown away....

Maybe I'll get out my little blob of mercury to celebrate.


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