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#1247: Gloves?

That was the first thing I thought of. I mean, come on--are people that stupid? "My hands get cold! Is there any way to make the bicycle wipe my nose for me, too?" Jesus Christ already.

* * *

EPA will require emissions control devices on small engines. The air over America is cleaner than it's been in 100 years, but that's not good enough!

Prepare for your next lawn mower to cost 2x what your present one cost.

* * *

Oprah would love to have Sarah Palin on her show after the election. But not during, oh no. She got Barak Hussein Obama started by giving him an interview on her show, but won't have any Republicans on.

She decided not to use her show " a platform for any of the candidates" after she had Barak Hussein Obama on. If she really wants to avoid using her show " a platform for any of the candidates", she should give the other candidates equal time. Otherwise she's an obvious shill for Obama.

Thanks for displaying your bias, Oprah. It's your show and you can do what you want with it, of course, but we're smart enough to recognize hypocrisy when we see it.

* * *

Code Pink disrupted McCain's speech? I was in PDB's #gunblogger_conspiracy IRC channel ( during the speech; and when that nonsense happened, I honestly thought that was a man.

"Is that guy having some kind of siezure? [sic]" I asked.

* * *

100 years to amortize the cost of solar panels? Really? I wouldn't have thought so, myself, but I would suspect the writer is merely picking the biggest figure he was given to make the headline more sensational.

The article says that solar panels have a lifespan of about 30 years, and that it takes "50 to 100 years" for them to pay for themselves. "50 years" sounds closer to reality, IMHO, though I haven't run the numbers myself; in any event I do know that solar power is freaking inefficient on a cost-per-kilowatt-hour basis, and wind power isn't any better.

* * *

Former Planned Parenthood president says that Sarah and Todd Palin are "forcing" their daughter Bristol to have her baby, instead of "letting" her abort it.

I love how these people assume they know every-goddamned-thing about conservatives and their children. Especially considering that their assumptions are usually wrong.

* * *

125 dead in Chicago over the summer--about 2x the Iraq death toll. How do you like that figure? How on Earth does CBS end up reporting a statistic like that?

Telling quote:
"Gang and gun violence continue to be the dominating threat on our streets," Bond said in an e-mail. "Up to 60 percent of the shootings are gang related. More than 90 percent of the offenders have criminal histories and up to 80 percent of the victims have criminal histories."
Chicago is one of those cities which (unconstitutionally! ha!) bans the civilian possession of firearms. Notice place that this quote reveals the demographics of gun ownership in Chicago: gangs and criminals.

Naturally, however, that fact will be ignored by the government and they'll insist that this means we have to crack down even more on gun ownership. Yeah--make it more illegal, so the people who already don't care about the law can ignore the possibility of a stiffer sentence.

* * *

Visiting the gunblogger IRC channel last night reminded me how much I miss the Fiero chatroom. In 2004, 2005 I used to spend a lot of time in there, and became a "regular", to the point that one person posted a "Where is Ed Hering?" thread in Totally Off-Topic after I finally got a job. (The job I have now, where I worked nights, keeping me away from the chatroom when it was at its most active.)

That chatroom is deserted now, damn it.

Anyway, so the IRC channel may be a nice addition to my evening on-linery now that I work a reduced schedule. The Chatzilla plug-in for Firefox really makes it easy to access IRC, too.

Last night, mostly it was a discussion of the McCain speech, but I got some advice on laptop selection and we had some fun with other things.

* * *

As for the RNC, I saw that there was a guy wearing a plastic pighat, and I decided that I want one.

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