atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1255: Mr. Barak Hussein Obama, I know Jesus....

...and you are no Jesus.

I can say "I know Jesus" because I am, after all, a Christian. (Further amplification of that point would devolve into a rigorous discussion of how Christians come to know Christ, which is beyond the scope of this document.)

Rush tells BHO he's no Jesus.

Mr. Steve Cohen, Representative of Tennesee, BHO is no Jesus Christ. He's not even close.

I realize that it's hard for a person to remain humble when he's got women throwing their underwear at him--John Lennon said that the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus"--but the second coming BHO ain't, and it offends me as a Christian to hear people saying he is, even by comparison.

* * *

Speaking of the end times, the LHC went on-line yesterday. No word yet on whether or not the world is ending.

Champagne corks popped after first proton beam successfully circumnavigates the accelerator ring.

Extra thanks to Bill Clinton and Congressional Democrats, whose 1993 cancellation of the US Superconducting Supercollider kept the US from doing it first.

* * *

Gay documentarian makes documentary showing the destructiveness of the "gay lifestyle". This sort of thing has been well-known but not discussed for a long time. It's in Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex, it's in Horowitz's Radical Son, it's even in the media--but downplayed, there solely as "realistic background" against which fictional gay men can be shown to be monogamous and non-promiscuous.

I don't doubt that there are plenty of gay men who don't engage in such destructive behaviors, but I also don't doubt that those gay men are in the minority.

* * *

I really don't know how John Stossel keeps his job at ABC. He keeps saying so many non-liberal things, such as "government does not create wealth".

I've been saying it for years: government doesn't create wealth; it consumes it.

* * *

Ann Coulter says that the Bush Doctrine has been a success. Let me see: seven years later, no attacks on US soil. I call that "mission accomplished".

God I love Ann Coulter:
Despite the fact that Hitler brought "change," promoted clean, energy-efficient mass transit by making the trains run on time, supported abortion for the non-master races, vastly expanded the power of the national government and was uniformly adored by college students and their professors, I gather that liberals don't like Hitler because they're constantly comparing him to Bush.

* * *

Today I ran errands. And by the time the errands were done, it was raining. No grass cutting today! Which is fine with me since I really didn't want to cut the damn grass anyway....

On the plus side, I was able to get the Jeep's license plate taken care of at the bank, so I didn't have to go to the DMV. Score one for me.

On the minus side, the MacPherson strut spring compressor I wanted to buy at Harbor Freight was sold out. Argh etc. However, I bought a nice set of 1/2" sockets with a new handle, and a few other sundries. The socket set was $27 and I had a 15% off coupon to further reduce the price of it. Yay me.

I didn't really need the spring compressor, but it's the kind of tool that when you need it, buying it pays for itself. (You can borrow one from AutoZone by leaving a deposit of $40 IIRC, but that assumes that they've got one to loan....) I didn't really need the socket wrench, either, but I didn't have a good set of 1/2" sockets, and my 1/2" handle will no longer retain the sockets. It will turn them handily, but if you pick up the wrench the socket will fall off. Annoying, but not useless.

The spring compressor is a nice one, though--instead of two seperate pieces attached to opposite sides of the spring, which you have to alternate tightening, this one is hinged and grabs the entire spring, and one bolt tightens both sides simultaneously.

Still, we got Mom's monthly supply of smokes, picked up the crown molding for the kitchen, got my tool fix, and got home by 3 PM. Not too shabby.

* * *

I suppose I should make a comment about it being 9/11, but I don't see the point. Everything I'd say I've already said here, and I'd just be repeating myself.

There comes a point where all you're doing is useless mooning. We should remember 9/11, but is it really necessary to have all kinds of memorials? Grab a pair, adapt, improvise, and overcome--the towel-heads responsible for this are on the run now even as we speak, their operations in Iraq are utterly devastated, their toehold in Afghanistan is tenuous at best, and Pakistan is their only--and a poor--refuge.

No one in the free world has set eyes on Osama bin Laden in six years. We've seen videos but no one has seen him in person.

We can't relax; but the time for shedding tears over 9/11 is done.

* * *

I'm starting to wonder when Smallville resumes new episodes....

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