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#1258: Sunday's post on Monday morning.

I slept a lot Sunday. I don't know why; I just did. I would wake up, realize that I was awake, think about getting up, and then fall asleep again. Oh well. I only got out of bed when the hydraulic pressure built up too high.

Not that there was much I could really do; it rained until late afternoon.

Saturday, Spike TV was showing a marathon of their idiotic Ultimate Fighting Challenge show. I was pleased that I'd checked the TV listings before turning anything on. Sunday morning I checked the satellite listings and confirmed that the Powerblock was actually on, then set the VCR to record the Powerblock and went back to bed.

...power failure, weird one, where half the house was dead and the other half wasn't--and it wasn't all one side, either. I knew what had happened: the power had dropped from one of the two phases coming in from the pole, leaving the other one up. My entertainment system had power but the fan and PC did not. WTF. Mom's bedside light was on but everything else was off. And so on.

Anyway, after a few moments, it all dropped. The power was off for maybe five minutes, tops, so I restarted everything.

This evening, then, after a couple eps of House, MD on USA, I started up the tape...and found that Spike had decided to run UFC instead of Powerblock. Thanks, assholes.

* * *

I bopped over to McDonald's for some food, though I had not been able to decide what I'd wanted; finally deciding on just getting a couple double hamburgers and a fry, I changed my mind at the last minute--a couple of "southwest" chicken sandwiches, make it a combo, etc.

Either some moron screwed up, or these sandwiches are freakin' lame, because the "southwest chicken sandwich" I got consists of a piece of fried chicken breast--a bit spicier than the regular ones--and a few slices of pickle on a bun. No sauce, no lettuce, nothing, just dry chicken, pickle, and bread. And the "bit spicier" part? It was still bland. WTF.

I find that a bit hard to believe, considering how much in love with "special sauce" McDonald's is. Other than their basic burgers, there isn't a single sandwich product they make that doesn't feature some kind of weird goop that their R&D chefs came up with. (Or bought from a grocery store. The "special sauce" on the Big Mac, for example, is Kraft Sandwich Spread.)

Besides, this is a freaking $3 sandwich; do they mean to tell me that a $3 sandwich doesn't even get the toppings that come on a $1 McChicken? (Lettuce and mayo, BTW.)

Whatever the case may be, I'm not buying that thing again.

* * *

It's sounding like the "flex pipe" I put on the Escort is going bad again--the exhaust is sounding a bit rumbly again. Well, that'll make it about 18 months since I put the last one on. It'd be nice if I could find the right part for the thing and make a proper repair, but WTF, these pipes cost about $5 and last long enough for my purposes, and they're not too hard to replace.

* * *

September is just about half over. They've already got the Halloween merchandise about 80% set at the store, and as the "back to school" clearance gets sold off, more and more of it appears.

This year's theme is Domo-kun, and there's a giant stuffed Domo-kun hovering over mini-seasonal. I think they should raffle or auction that thing off when Halloween's over.

* * *

Since I spent a lot of my weekend comatose, I really haven't got much to discuss. It rained a lot. The rain started--when, Thursday afternoon?--and didn't stop until Sunday afternoon, which makes it three freaking days with only little breaks here and there. Holy crap.

Now the air is a lot dryer, though, which is nice. The dewpoint's nice and low--52°--so it's no longer sticky.

Supposedly this is going to last for a couple of days, but God alone knows.

The grass will explode, of course.

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