atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1262: "Muscular pain"?

Doc said "muscular pain", wrote a prescription for something, and told me to take hot baths.

I have never had "muscular pain" that just went away after a few hours' rest, though.

WTF-ever. We'll see how it goes. In a week or two I can go back and say, "Try again, dude!"

* * *
NASA wants a nuclear reactor for the moon base they can't build. Considering that the space agency plans to return to the moon in 2018--a decade from now--perhaps this will give them time to get through all the asinine lawsuits that the greenies and eco-nazis are going to file.

* * *

Looks like the arctic ice didn't melt as much as it did last year. It dropped to 1.74 million square miles this year. Last year it dropped to 1.59 million square miles.

Watts up With That says that's a 9% increase in "persistent" ice. Hmm.

Interesting fact: the records for arctic sea ice start in 1979, as that was the first year it was measured.

NOAA claims that this summer was the 9th warmest on record. This is, however, at odds with one of the major measures of global temperature, the GISS data, which has shown a 0.775° drop in the global temperature over the past ten months.

* * *

I had a whole slew of articles tabbed up, with really interesting headlines, and after reading them I decided that most of them were boring. This is why I have so few links today. And so I must actually write about something.

* * *

So far this morning I have killed about a dozen tiny, tiny ants which are crawling around my keyboard, on me, etc. One was even on my forehead, but I think it got there after I flicked it off the mousepad.

Where there are ants, there is a food source, and it took me a minute: it's the stack of Pepsi bottle lids with "Pepsi Stuff" points printed inside, which is why I keep them. The lids are now in a zip lock bag, and the ant population should now dry up. At least on my desk.

I would like it if we could get an exterminator to come in here and spray. We've always successfully fought off bugs with various aerosol insecticides, but when I lived in Iowa the apartment complex had a guy come in once a month to spray.

There was one season that we saw a few cockroaches--someone living in one of the nearby apartments had been living in filth, and had brought them with them from Iowa City--and my first year there I had a moth problem after I left a bowl of peanuts (in the shell kind) sitting out for a couple weeks. (Yeah, moths eat peanuts. Then their children hatch in your flour, oatmeal, cake mixes, pasta, etc. One unfortunate brood was laid in the baking soda; they didn't do so well. Heh.) Otherwise--other than a few ants here and there--nothing, not a damn thing. There were hardly even any spiders in that place. (No food for them, for one thing.)

So there is a certain attraction, for me, to the idea of having Terminix or Orkin or someone come in and spray this place. Oh well. Guess I need to get some more ant traps.

* * *

Thought: perhaps the original purpose of the Daleks--before Davros got ahold of the project--was to make the perfect bug-hunting cyborg. Heh.

* * *

Tomorrow--Thursday--is this season's first all-new ep of Smallville. Hoody hoo etc.

Update: Computers can be so annoying. I got a parse error, and had to look at the third link past where it said the error was to find the mistake. Fixed now, though.

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