atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1263: Where are the stories?

Reading the Anchoress today led me to this article.

Summary: Barak Hussein Obama asked Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on how American troops will leave Iraq until after the election.

This should be all over the news--the same news which went berserk when it was charged that George H.W. Bush ("Bush 41", the current President's father) flew on an SR-41 to Iran to convince the Iranians not to release the hostages until after the election of 1980. That charge was so serious that it demanded a Congressional investigation regardless of the fact that there was no evidence even implying this fantastic event occurred.

This one? Three other people in the room can testify to whether this is true or not, yet it's a non-story.

Difference: Barak Hussein Obama is Democrat.

The Anchoress cites this as a violation of the Logan Act, which it is. Even as a Senator, Barak Hussein Obama does not have the legal authority to negotiate with foreign governments; that power is reserved for the executive branch. (Congress does ratify treaties reached by the executive, yes. Not the same thing.)

She updates the article with more information which makes the situation less legally dire, but Barak Hussein Obama should nonetheless be facing questions from the press about this--so where are they?

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