atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1267: BTW

The prescription the doc gave me? Naproxin, which doesn't freaking work for me. If he'd just told me what he was giving me--or if I, after an exhausting night of pain and hard work, had only had the sense to ask--I would have asked for something else.

The thing I don't like about naprox is that if you take it, and it doesn't work, you still can't take anything else for 12 hours. No acetominophen, no ibuprofen, no aspirin. Nothing. I tried it for headaches and it didn't do squat; I will try it for the side pain (if it comes back) but I won't expect miracles.

At least the stuff only cost me $14.

* * *

McDonald's "southwest chicken sandwich": I looked at the picture of the thing on the menu when I was there last, and--sure enough--the stupid thing is a bun, a piece of chicken, and pickles. The people who make the advertising photos make sure to make the condiments as visible as possible--even if it's not practical to make the sandwich that way--and the image showed bread, chicken, pickles, end of line. Nothing else.

What a load of crap, especially for $3.

* * *

Tonight I expect to buy Speed Racer. Ha!

* * *

All is now in readiness for the Great Kitchen Rebuild of 2008. We've ordered a dumpster, which will be placed on our front lawn, thus obviating the need for us to find enough plywood to protect the driveway from the dumpster.

Face it: there's going to be a lot of trash from this thing, from the old cabinets to old flooring to...

Well, to whatever I can add to the pile while it's here. From the garage. We're going to have the windows replaced, and that includes the one in the garage, and that means moving the stuff out of the way so the guy can get at the thing--and I'll also poke around in the pile of junk for stuff to heave into the dumpster.

* * *

And it's Friday, and I'm going to go to bed because I've got work tonight. Have a good one, y'all.

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