atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1268: I didn't know Kelsey Grammar was a conservative.

An American Carol, opening October 3. I should go see it.

Kelsey Grammar as Patton--I saw the trailer and thought, "Who is that?" and didn't recognize him until his name was given.

If this movie lives up to the hype, it'll be awesome.

* * *

Again with the melamine. This time the Chinese put it in milk and baby formula. China, WTF?

* * *

When I went to work last night, I felt run-down and not too good--and I had to take a dose of Imodium before I left--but I didn't realize how bad I looked until Patrick came back to Receiving and told me that he'd talked to the boss about me going home early. "Just get Electronics done, and then you can take off if you want to."

I hadn't asked him to do that; it came as a surprise to me--but I had had to run to the bathroom during the unload, and took another dose of Imodium afterwards, and I guess I didn't look very good. I ended up staying at the store and working Electronics and Music and Movies instead of going to the warehouse with Patrick.

I got the entire area finished--pulls, freight, backstock--and left at 5:30. WTF, I wasn't feeling that damned bad. What decided me on not staying for the last half-hour was the splitting headache I'd had all night, and which Ibuprofen had only somewhat ameliorated.

At least my sides don't hurt like they did Tuesday morning. I've got that much going for me.

* * *

We're taking old tires to a "used tire collection event" this morning. We sure know how to party.

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