atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1271: I feel rotten

I called off last night for the first time since May. Four months--I had been hoping to make it to six, but I just couldn't do it.

Whatever it is began on Friday night, though I managed to tough it out; when I woke up Monday night I realized there was just no freaking way. I felt completely physically drained. So I called off, rolled over, and slept for seven more hours.

* * *

Just before I woke up I had a dream that I was watching Saturday morning cartoons with my nephew (who was about five years younger, in the dream, than he actually is) and on came Sunshine Bird, which was a Japanese series in the vein of Sailor Moon)--to the point that the heroine looked like Usagi--and it was subtitled. In the dream I saw the OP, and wanted to see more of it, but (as usually happens in my dreams) I got distracted by something else and woke up before I could get back to Sunshine Bird. The theme song was quite a catchy tune, or at least it was in the dream, and the animation quality was really good.

No, I have no idea what it was actually about, other than the fact that it was some kind of magical girl show. No, I have no plans to try to make Sunshine Bird a reality. Not even in jest. No, I don't know WTF "sunshine bird" means.

Yes, I am sitting here laughing as I think about how asinine the whole thing is.

* * *

...anyway, so after getting up about 3 AM and being up since then, and doing nothing more strenuous than playing a bit of D2 and getting breakfast, I am now ready to go back to bed, because whatever is kicking my butt is not finished kicking my butt yet.

Meanwhile, a huge red dumpster (delivered yesterday afternoon) sits in the front yard, asking for food--and I keep thinking I should go out to the garage and dig through the huge pile of stuff and see what can be thrown out since we've rented a 8' by 12' metal box specifically so we can throw shit away. But unfortunately I don't have the energy for that.

Argh etc.

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