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#1272: That was short.

Sunspot #1002 existed for 48 hours.

But but but but but! But it was a Cycle 24 sunspot! See? It's not the sun that's causing the GISS temperature anomaly to drop 0.775°! It's not an extended solar minimum or anything!

Meanwhile, NASA reports that the solar wind has decreased--it's 13% cooler than it was in the mid-1990s, and 20% less dense.

So the solar wind is surprisingly less energetic; and according to the article, "...the sun's underlying magnetic field has weakened by more than 30% since the mid-1990s...."

But none of this has anything to do with the Earth's climate or anything. All these signs seem to indicate weakening solar output, but the sun's variability has no effect on Earth's climate. No no nooo no, you have to give up your sports car and air conditioning and inexpensive beef in order to save the environment!

* * *

Has anyone managed to see the two hundredth Strong Bad e-mail yet? I leave the thing in a browser tab and get stuck at "loading..." until I lose my patience and close it. Yes, I've tried refreshing the load process. No, it doesn't do any good.

I'm starting to think that it's some kind of joke in itself, that there is no 200th e-mail, and that the loading screen is it.

Going to the SB Emails tab at the home page, and going to the e-mail that way, produces the same result. Maybe it's the browser; but that would be the first time Firefox has failed me. *sigh*

Now it's doing the same thing in Internet Explorer.

* * *

After getting a nap Tuesday afternoon, I woke up feeling better, so I had a look at the garage again...and I threw out a lot of garbage.

We had several carpet remnants--large chunks of carpet left over from when the bedrooms and living room were carpeted in 1982; from when the family room and hallway were carpeted in 1988; and a big hunk from...somewhere. It all got tossed into the dumpster.

Then came the bags of clothing--clothes that had been in the garage for a long time. We went through them and tossed about 90% of the pile into the dumpster. At one point I said, "Hey, the '70s called; they want their pants back." There was a lot of polyester in those bags.

I still haven't managed to clear any floor space, but it was an excellent start for a day which started out with me feeling ready for embalming.

There were some things that we kept out of the clothing, though. For example, I found one of a pair of mittens Mom had knitted for me when I was in grade school. I instantly recognized it as mine because it had a test tube, with three bubbles, on the back. (I have always been interested in science.)

Everything we kept is musty and needs cleaning, but there's a considerably smaller volume of it left.

And once I get around to moving the cars and getting enough room to really work on it, I can then remove some of the other junk from the pile and dump it into the dumpster. Heheheh.

Besides that, I realized that if I were to take the old hanging cabinets from the kitchen--which we otherwise are just going to throw away--and put them up in the garage, I would find myself with a lot of extra storage space and places to put tools and such. There are four of them; I'm going to do just that. Maybe put them up across the back wall, or something.

* * *

The project for today, though, is to get some kind of front license plate mount for the Jeep, and to inspect and grease the front end.

Then I have to get my butt over to Supercuts so I can get my ears lowered....

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