atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#127: "Bweedle Bweedle" translated

I've finally figured out what "bweedle bweedle bweedle! Bweedle bweedle bweedle bweedle bweedle bweedle!" actually is.

Stupid Music to see what I'm talking about, if you're just joining us.


Naturally the song has been inflicted on us numerous times, and I've finally heard it enough--unfortunately!--to understand the words to the "chorus":


...and I've come to the conlclusion that "bweedle bweedle bweedle etc" is both MORE INTELLIGENT AND MATURE than the actual lyrics are. I was impressed with how amazingly juvenile they are. The song is obviously aimed at kids just entering junior high school. (Or at least at people with that level of intelligence and maturity.)

By the way, the guy's enunciation of language isn't very good. I mean, in order for someone with my hearing to hear "booty" as "bweedle"...but I suppose because I was trying not to listen to it, "booty" ended up being "bweedle". Still, you have to seriously mispronouce "booty" to make it sound anything like "bweedle".

The "stripper" song? Its actual title:

"I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper"

...what a surprise that is.

I'm really surprised that we haven't had our ears flogged with Black Eyed Peas' "My Hump" for a while. I guess someone complained about that song being offensive. Wow, big surprise! Why, how could ANYONE find that song offensive?? \""

The more I hear of rap and hip-hop, the more convinced I am that it's pure garbage. Forget that nonsense about it being a mode of self-expression for "urban youth"; it's nothing but utter garbage. I've narrowed the subjects of hip-hop and rap down to four basic topics:

1) Getting, or being, inebriated (on legal or illegal substances)
2) Sex (having it, getting it, bragging about it)
3) Violence
4) Ego-boost for the "artist" (egoboo)

Naturally there are also combinations. You can file under "egoboo" all the songs which contain lyrics which discuss the rapper's car(s); stereo system; house; artistic "ability"; how much money, jewelry, women, or guns he owns; and so on. (Use your judgement.) Any time a rapper makes a statement which denigrates the listener (either explicitly or implicitly) that's egoboo. "All the women do me while you do yourself" was one particularly savory line I heard in one of these...performances. 100% pure egoboo. The song which has, as its primary line, "Try to catch me ridin' dirty", is also 100% pure egoboo.

"My Hump" demonstrates that even when women are involved with the music, it is still sexist. "Hollaback Girl" may be the only rap song I've heard in which women actually stand up for themselves; most female rap songs usually involve the woman discussing how sexy she is. (Like "My Hump".) And the same is largely true for R&B and soul music, as well.

R&B and soul used to be varied. My god, what about Ray Charles? But now?

100% about having sex. I have not heard a single one at work which was not about sex. Oh, it's all clad in "romance" but it's 100% about sex.

Oh well.

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