atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1275: Our kitchen has been demolished.

Yes, all the cabinets, the old dishwasher, the sink, the counter, all of it has been ripped out.

I carried a good chunk of it to the dumpster.

I saved three hanging cabinets for the garage.

The cats are freaked out, of course. Luna is more freaked out than IttyBit is. But they're adjusting rapidly enough.

I'm hot and sweaty and tired now. I'm going to take a shower and hit the hay, particularly because I've got to go to the hardware store tomorrow and I've got to paint the kitchen.

* * *

But first I'm going to mention this. I was talking about douchebags with excessively long goatees, and how the long goatee provides a convenient handle by which to hold the douchebag so you can repeatedly punch him. Apparently the "until candy comes out" ending of this line was received well by my fellow #gunblogger_conspiracy denizens.

I wish I could say it was original, but it's not. I don't remember where I got that from, but damn is it funny.

* * *

Also: I measured the upper cabinets before we went to order the cabinets. For example, from the kitchen window to the north wall of the kitchen is 37.25 inches. What did the idiotic woman at Lowe's do?

She ordered 48 inches of cabinets.

How do you take a measurement of 37.25 and turn that into 48, which is 10.75 inches wider? And the measurement for the south side of the kitchen window is off by a foot--not my measurement, but the idiot at Lowe's. The upper cabinets may or may not work; the lower cabinets definitely will not--and it'll be no less than 2-3 weeks for cabinets of the correct dimension to come in, meaning we won't have a kitchen sink for much longer than originally anticipated.

Sitting at a desk at a place like Lowe's and watching a woman finagle a computer numbs your brain; anyway I took plenty of time to show her my drawing and explain my measurements to her, so how the fucking hell she could think 48 inches would do when the dimension given to her was 37 inches--never mind. Whatever it is, it's their mistake, not ours, damn it.

Fortunately the west side of the kitchen will go in without trouble. I'm going to paint it first; I expect I'll have plenty of time to do the other side. *sigh*

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