atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1276: So true, it's scary.

Indeed, if it weren't stupid.... Eco-nuts want to ruin the market for new houses. That's not what they intend, but it's what will happen if "green requirements" are added to mortgage regulations, because the added cost of "greening" new houses will make them ludicrously expensive.

Or, considering what utter psycho whack jobs some greenies are, maybe that's exactly what they want.

* * *

Speaking of psycho whack jobs, Bill Maher has apparently emitted some kind of anti-Christian movie called "Religulous". (The "bible"--style sheet--for Atomic Fungus says that movie titles are underlined, but not in this case. Suck it, Maher.)

* * *

And now it's after 8, and I have work to do. First I have to go to the hardware store and buy primer, masking tape, brush, roller, etc. Then I have to prep and paint the kitchen--specifically, I have to prime the non-painted parts of the walls (which were behind cabinets for 40+ years), re-paint the ceiling, and spackle. Then, a little later, we'll go buy color paint for the walls, and then go to Lowe's to get the cabinet mess straightened out. This afternoon or evening, then, comes painting the walls!

Fortunately I'll be able to nap after we get back from Lowe's, at least for a little while.

This is going to be a "fun" day.

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