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#1278: Gulf Stream not weakening

But change can still happen. Well, duh.

* * *

Another success story for the Canandian socilaized medical system: a man comes in for care, dies, and his corpse sits in the waiting room for 34 hours.

And the Democrats want to do this to us. No thanks.

* * *

Japan appears to be thinking about building a space elevator. I think it's fantastic. I would vastly prefer that it was us doing this, but because a bunch of lefties would collectively have a stroke over "sending all that money into space", we're going to have to buy one from the Japanese instead of making our own.

Assuming, of course, that the Japanese are willing to sell us one.
Unlike the warp drives in Star Trek, or H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, the idea of the space elevator does not mess with the laws of science; it just presents a series of very, very complex engineering problems.

Japan is increasingly confident that its sprawling academic and industrial base can solve those issues, and has even put the astonishingly low price tag of a trillion yen (£5 billion) on building the elevator. Japan is renowned as a global leader in the precision engineering and high-quality material production without which the idea could never be possible.
Ten billion dollars. Ten billion dollars. NASA can't even wipe its ass with ten billion dollars.

I realize that $10 billion is actually about half of NASA's annual budget. Show me the groundbreaking research NASA is doing and I'll retract that statement. How much have they spent on Orion/Ares so far? And that's just another fricking rocket, and not a good one at that. Where's the real cutting-edge stuff?

It's in Japan, damn it.

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