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#1279: This is why.

To anyone who wonders why this 41-year-old man lives with his mother:
There are few genuinely serious sins of commission: idolatry, blasphemy, willful denial of God, disrespect of parents, murder, adultery, theft, false witness, and unrepressed covetousness. There is one serious sin of omission: rejection of duty. If you know your duty -- if it has been made clear to you, by whatever means -- but you still refuse it, you are turning your back on your part in God's Plan. Of course, as it always is, the most important word in that sentence is "if."
(Today's "Eternity Road").

It's such an excellent post. And it reminds me why I am where I am, doing what I'm doing. It won't be forever.

* * *

My brother got a Vertibird when he was around 10 or 12 or so. I recall it being an extra-cool toy I was not allowed to play with; but I was fine with that because I was fascinated just to watch it. (Later, after he had largely forgotten about it, I got to play with it.) And I really liked the thing.

I got a "made in China" knockoff of the thing a couple years ago, and of course it turned out not to work nearly as well as the original did. It was still fun to play with.

* * *

Og: The message it sends is 'I love to smoke dope, and I'm bad at math.'" Heh.

* * *

David Letterman throws tantrum, pisses off CBS forgery news department. You'd think that someone with Letterman's money would be more conservative than he is, but he didn't get to where he is by being logical, sensible, and thoughtful.

He was a lot funnier when he was on NBC.

* * *

We're running out of Internet. No news yet on whether or not how hard it'll be to beat the boss at the end.

* * *

Coppers in England on to new Al Qaeda plot: exploding custard! Or maybe not. Maybe it's just an accident. At least, that's what they want you to think....

* * *

A discussion at Ars Technica of Moore's Law has a faulty link to Moore's original paper. Otherwise, it's a good read. (Unlike anything they write about the environment, which is overly credulous of anthropogenic global warming. Strange that they haven't talked about the global temperature anomaly since, oh, February....)

I like to tell the story of my perusals of electronic industry publications in and around 1991, when semiconductor manufacturers were freaking out because of the "0.7 micron limit"--anything smaller than 0.7 microns was just too small to be reliably fabricated., 17 years later, Intel is routinely making making chips with a 0.065 micron feature size. And the chip makers are still complaining that they're up against a hard limit. Heh.

* * *

I have to agree with this: "I wish my deceased family members would stop voting for him." Heh.

* * *

Found while looking up something else: Let's Be Perverts. Chinese comics, manhwa. *sigh*

* * *

It's a pleasantly cool Sunday afternoon, the errands and chores are done, and I've got court tomorrow. Oh well.

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