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#1281: That was surprisingly inexpensive.

I had my court date today for this violation of the Illinois Vehicle Code. I got up at 9, 3s'ed (military guys know what that means) and headed for the court. I found it without difficulty (uh oh) and carefully made sure to empty my bladder before going into the courtroom.

Check-in was at 10:20. The prosecutor talked to someone about her insurance; then he called my name.

He then asked me if I got the plates renewed and if I'd fixed the missing front plate; I had to run out to the Jeep for the registration card.

"Okay, you're good to go," he said, and handed my license back to me.

End result: no fine.


All it ended up costing me is gas to get there and back. Awesome.

* * *

I just read an article on Ars Technica--which I won't bother linking to here--that finishes by saying that because astronomers and cosmologists act like real scientists, global warming prponents do too.

You can't trust those guys when they talk science. You just can't.

Don't believe me? Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?" The author of the paper--a climate insider--says "no".

* * *

Greenie realizes: "[T]he Green case against nuclear power is based largely on myth and dogma." He hasn't gotten as far as realizing that this has always been the case, but give him time; he's taken the biggest step already: "On a deaths per gigawatt-year basis, nuclear is safer than coal and oil." [emphasis mine.]

Not just on a "deaths per gigawatt-year" basis, but on any basis. Again, just give him time; now that he's not thinking with his feelings and reflexes about the issue, he should come to understand what many of us knew all along: nuclear power is cheap, clean, convenient, safe, and exceedingly useful if you do it right--and the only people keeping us from doing it right are his buddies in the ecofreak movement.

Meanwhile, to his chagrin, he learns that his eco-nazi buddies are sharpening the long knives on his behalf. "Et tu, Brute...."

* * *

Anyway, it's a cool rainy day. They picked up the dumpster at 6:45 AM this morning; we would have liked to have kept it a couple days longer, but oh well. The big stuff has already been tossed, anyway, and from now on more stuff will go into the kitchen than is coming out.

The guy's supposed to come tonight to put in the base cabinets, after which we can call the counter guys to measure for the new counter. The kitchen won't be complete until the replacement cabinets for the east wall are installed and the plumbing connected and the linoleum installed (okay, "vinyl flooring", but WTF) but it's getting there.

We're going to have a water line installed for an ice maker. The fridge doesn't have one in it, but I'd wager we could probably get one if we really wanted it, and when it comes time to sell the house, it'll be a plus.

Then we're going to have the guy fix the problems with the master bathroom; then that can be "my" bathroom. That'll also be nice.

And the new color in the kitchen looks great with the new cabinets.

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