atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1285: Damn, "creepy" doesn't even touch it.

The Barak Hussein Obama HopeChange song:

Confederate Yankee identifies some of the "grassroots" involved in the production of this propaganda piece.

Kim Priestap on WizBang discusses the issue.

Compare with this song sung by the Hitlerjugend in Nazi Germany:

Do these people understand what this shit looks like? Do they think they're the only ones who have ever read a history book? There are plenty of Americans who know what totalitarianist propaganda looks like--and this video from supporters of Barak Hussein Obama looks just like it.

Update: By the way, at 1:34 in that latter video, there's a huge banner that reads "Die Jugend grusst den Arbeiter und den Fuhrer." Know what that means? Filtered through my creaky high school German, I can tell you it approximates "the youth greets the worker and the leader".

My point? "Nazi" was short for "National Socialist"; and socialists always talk about the "worker" in admiring terms--all the while oppressing the poor bastard and making him work and live like a dog. People who tell you that the Nazis were not socialists don't know what the hell they're talking about.

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