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#1286: Today's XKCD is true.

Fiction rule of thumb. I'd swear I read the quote in that comic somewhere....

* * *

I can assure them that they don't want it in my handwriting. My handwriting is an excellent one-way cypher to which only I have the key.

* * *

People are turning away from cable ISPs despite higher speeds than DSL because of lousy customer service? What is this, 2002? This isn't news!

In 2002, when Comcast took over whatever the cable franchise was in Cedar Rapids, those of us on their ISP immediately got throttled to 1.5 Mbps even though we were paying for 3.0, and they continued to charge us the same amount of money for it even though the guys who had only had the 1.5 Mbps service to begin with continued to lay $15 per month less.

No, there's no problem there, none at all. WTF.

This is why I won't do cable. If you want cable ISP here, you have to pay $40 per month for the service, and a $10 surcharge if you don't already have cable TV. In other words, if you don't pay them $10 per month to get basic cable, they're going to charge you that $10 on top of the $40 you've got to pay for the ISP service.

Meanwhile, DSL with the same download speed costs about the same.

* * *

The sun remains quiet. Two proto-sunspots--one cycle 23, one cycle 24--almost emerged yesterday.

The sun is at its quietest since the beginning of the space age, with diminished solar wind and the lowest sunspot activity in at least 50 years. But of course that has no connection with the GISS global temperature anomaly dropping 0.775° in the past 10 months...

* * *

I got up in the wee hours and turned up the thermostat. It was below 65° in here. Today's high is expected to be in the upper 50s. It's October.

* * *

So Lamborghini is showing a new 4-door car around. It looks like a freakin' Chrysler Concorde.

* * *

IMAO: Getting you to eat crap. What a nice summation of the election cycle.

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