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#1287: Of COURSE it is.

Halloween is on a Friday this year. Of course. What days do I work?


Last year I didn't watch my Halloween anime because Halloween was on a Wednesday, I had to work, and ended up sleeping while it was still dark out.

Yes, I can watch the stuff during the day, but it's just not the same, damn it. It's better if it's dark out.

Damn leap years anyway! If it was a normal year, Halloween would have been on Thursday, and I would have had about 12 hours to watch all the horror anime I've got, if I wanted to. Instead, I'm going to have to either watch it on the 30th or wait until midnight, in which case I've only got about 5 hours of total darkness. Argh.

Anyway, right now I'm listening to the Mermaid Forest soundtrack, which is what led me to think about this. The OST is, of course, done by Kenji Kawai, who rules.

And so I listened to a few other anime OSTs, among them Hime-chan's Ribbon...and had to check IMDB to see that--yes indeed!--Kenji Kawai wrote the OST for that. Listening to it, I had thought, "Wait, this almost sounds like..." and indeed I was right. (Probably I just half-remembered the fact, but WTF.)

* * *

No construction guys again tonight--which has annoyed both my mother and I--so I lugged the stove back into the kitchen and made myself some hot and sour soup.

It came out perfectly, too; I don't think I ever made a batch which was so damn spot-on as this one. It was properly hot and sour without me having to add anything once the cooking was done. And as it always does, it warmed me up--not from the spice, but from the fact that it's a pretty dense soup. (I sometimes call it "Chinese chili".) It's the perfect thing for a chilly October night; I had two (small) bowls of the stuff and was sweating when I finished the second one.

Mom and I went to Subway for lunch today; she had half a foot-long for lunch and the other half for dinner. Me, I'd eaten my entire sandwich at lunchtime, so I needed something, and I'm getting fricking tired of going for fast food every time I get hungry. We actually went to Applebee's for dinner yesterday, but today I wanted something home-freaking-made and I wasn't about to make bratwurst. Let's face it; bratwurst is just another form of fast food that you heat yourself.

My hot and sour soup recipe starts with five cups of water, about 2/3 pound of beef, a small can of mushrooms, about two green onions (or similar amount of other onion), two eggs, corn starch, vinegar, and black pepper. After about half an hour or so you have hot and sour soup that any Chinese restaurant would serve without hesitation. (Someday, when I am less hurried than I am now, I will post the recipe.) No stock, no fancy ingredients, nothing you could not buy at a typical grocery store--even one without an oriental foods section. Water, meat, a couple vegetables, and some basic cooking supplies.

* * *

This evening it occurred to me that my Epson CX7400 all-in-one can print--and I further realized that I have tee shirt transfer paper, so I can now make my own custom tee shirts again.

What I have wanted for a very long time is my own 801 TTS Airbats tee shirt, with this logo: you may say, "WTF dude, you've got the image; just use it!" The problem is, I suck at Photoshop. (I don't even have Photoshop. All I've got is "MS Paint"!) The backgrounds have to be eliminated so that the lettering and lines will "float" properly. (The bat silhouette will remain black, of course.) This way the image can be ironed onto whatever color shirt you might happen to have, though I'd prefer light blue or white myself.

In 1994-ish I made a tee shirt like this, painstakingly using fabric paint and a carefully-traced stencil, but to be honest it wasn't really all that good a job. (It was ruined when I ate s'mores and slopped chocolate on it. Argh etc.)

I can sit here and delete pixels with the best of them, but the end result will be blocky and will have stray pixels of the wrong color no matter how careful I am. If I get desperate enough, though....

The other thing I want to do is to make a School Days tee shirt, with the series logo on the front and "nice boat" on the back. Heh.

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