atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1290: More proof of Left-wing bias in the media

This time it's CBS: an American Spectator article discusses the way that Katie Couric has ordered all references to Sarah Palin's title (that would be "governor" for those of you on the left) be stricken from transcripts, etc. Further, the article says:
Ultimately the higher ups at CBS News agreed, saying that wherever possible, the reference to "Governor" should be struck from graphics, scripts and published transcripts. In fact, based on perusal of the CBS website, between video and print, there is only one reference to Palin as Governor, and that is buried in a subhead on the splash page of the interview transcript.
However, from the Couric interview with Biden, it clearly says "Sen. Joe Biden".

But it's not bias or anything; no. Not at all. You see, the real problem is how hard it is to type "Gov." as opposed to "Sen.". The transcriptionist is a southpaw, and has trouble getting the right-hand keys (such as "O") when it's in the middle of two left-hand letters. "Sen." is a lot easier because the left-hand letters come first. I mean, come on; in order to type "Gov." it's L-R-L-R; typing "Sen" is L-L-R-R, which is so much easier.


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