atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1292: You MANIACS!!!

You went and did it!

...socialism 1, economic freedom 0. *sigh*

* * *

It was a smidge above freezing in Crete this morning. Reported temperature: 32.6°. Yeah.

Oct 4. Whee.

* * *

DNC tries to silence a lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought by a man who wants to see Barak Hussein Obama's actual real certified birth certificate.

When there was a question about John McCain's birth certificate, McCain produced a copy of it showing that he is eligible to be President.

There remains a question about Barak Hussein Obama; and as the plaintiff says, all the Barak Hussein Obama campaign has to do to eliminate this entire issue is simply to produce the birth certificate.

So why won't they? Why should they? The press sure as hell isn't going to ask them any inconvenient questions about this issue. As long as the press ignores it, the campaign can ignore it.

* * *

Last night I ended up working Electronics, Music, and Movies again. Not a big deal. I finished about 6:10.

At one point I was stocking the iPod case; I pulled out a pusher to put the newest one in the back, and realized that I was holding $1,200 worth of iPods. Yeesh.

The "no name brand" of electronics that Target sells--TruTech--turns out to be made by GPX. That means that there is little difference between the MP3 player I bought at K-mart and the MP3 player I considered buying at work. Heh.

* * *

There's going to be a new Speed Racer box set coming out, the entire original anime series. I am so buying that.

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