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#1293: This comes about eight years too late.

Via BDunbar we get this, which includes a PDF of a Powerpoint presentation on why extended overtime is a bad idea.

Of particular interest to me is this page:

When I was a tech writer, I would go home at the end of each day utterly exhausted. That was working a 40-hour week--and they wanted us to work 45. Why? Because they could.

When I was on the Temporary Revisions team, I--working 40-hour weeks--put out as much work as a woman who worked 45 hours per week. But when it was quitting time I was done; there wasn't anything left in my word box and it was time for rest; my staying at work would not have done anyone any good--not me, not them, noboby. I was smart enough to recognize this; my boss was not.

It's easy to be a white-collar mid-level manager; it is not easy to produce. A manager spends a lot of time in meetings, doing paperwork, and making decisions, and he need not expend maximum brainpower at all times. My last manager, the one that laid me off, had earned her managing chops at an appliance manufacturer--she knew nothing about avionics or engineering or machinery in general, but apparently she knew how to manage...and the end result was a female version of Dilbert's pointy-haired boss.

On the other hand, the guy in the trenches is running his brain at full speed whenever he's not at lunch or on break (and quite possibly then, too, actually). It's like the difference between the bricklayer and the architect--the bricklayer gets to the end of the day and can barely lift his arms; meanwhile the architect isn't tired at all and is wondering why the hell he can never hire bricklayers that aren't lazy assholes.

The hell of it is, reading the rest of the thing, I find that the environment at R-C followed a lot of the productivity guidelines except for the fact that making a knowledge worker put in 45 hours per week was a bad idea.

The PDF is a great read, and I wish I had had it eight years ago. I would have forced every manager in our department to read it and sign off on it, somehow.

* * *

Islamo-whackos think two visible eyes is "too seductive", says Stacy.

What the hell, psychos! Just cut out one of the woman's eyes, and you've solved your problem, haven't you? That can't be worse than any of the other barbaric shit you savages perpetrate in the name of Mohammed. WTF.

"Religion of peace" my ey--er, ass.

* * *

This just in: Sarah Palin is a racist! for mentioning Barak Hussein Obama's connection to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

That's right! Barak Hussein Obama has had a very long association with a terrorist, Bill Ayers, who was a member of the Weather Underground.

In fact, looking at that page shows the Weathermen logo with a quote from Bill Ayers: "Our signature was...letters of explanation....Each letter had a logo hand-drawn across the page...."

Bill Ayers is an avowed terrorist, and Barak Hussein Obama has associated for a long time with this well-known terrorist. Why on earth Barak Hussein Obama's terrorist friend Bill Ayers isn't in jail mystifies me. One would think that if a person admits to being a terrorist it would result in jail time, but then again Barak Hussein Obama's long-time terrorist friend Bill Ayers is a darling of the Left.

* * *

...I think I may have overused the italic tag in that bit, but I don't regret it at all.

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